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Financial Planners   Archangel Equity Partners Management Consulting helps you generate more income and protect your client. 

Michael Kane, Archangel Equity Partners, LLC - New York City, NY 10163
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Archangel Equity Partners, LLC is a unique management consulting business and insurance is one of the core industry sectors serviced.

Advocate Partners are introduced to products and services that help generate more income. Introductions to our Insurance Services Advocates can help you partner with professionals that have enhanced solutions for your clients protection. Solutions are custom designed to fix problems on tough to place business classes through unique risk financing solutions - as well as our proprietary procurement service, our auction 'i-BidOnline'.

The i-BidOnline process is not a new procurement concept, but relatively new to the insurance sector.

Let Archangel Equity Partners match you and your client with a professional that can back up their experience with a bid though our portal.

Contact us to learn more!

Archangel Equity Partners, LLC
Advocate. Enhance. Protect.
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