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Ask Your Peers  General Liability for Drone Users (Closed)

Jeffrey Morsberger, American Heritage Insurance - Sykesville, MD 21784
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I write a lot of drone users who provide aerial photography services. I had a standard market who would write the GL if the UAV Aviation Liability coverage was verified. However, they have changed their tune all of the sudden. There isn't really any exposure of bodily injury or property damage from the drone on the GL because of the aircraft exclusion (exclusion G), but this coverage is difficult to place if you are being up front with the carrier as to what the insured does. Does anyone have a standard market?
8 month(s) ago
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Christopher Rein, Scottish American - Greenvale, NY 11548
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I write these with a couple of E&S markets all throughout the country. Send me an email if you don't find a standard market to write your risks.

crein@scottishamerican.com or call 631-446-3035

Chris Rein
Scottish American
8 month(s) ago
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Ashley Fuerstenberg, CompleteMarkets - Bradenton, FL 34212
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Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for using CompleteMarkets!

I may have found a company that can help you with this risk. Plimsoll Specialty Markets, LLC has an Aviation Insurance market that should be able to help. They work with all of the major Aviation Underwriters all of which have A rated or better ratings. 

Click Here to view their storefront and choose which application is the beast one that fits your needs to fill out and submit in to Michael Clark. You can click here to send Michael an email and he will be in touch with you as soon as he receives it. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!
8 month(s) ago
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Martin Burlingame, Commercial Insurance Group Llc - Colorado Spgs, CO 80960
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We have an admitted market that does BOPs for the aerial guys with Drones. Feel free to ping me.


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8 month(s) ago
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