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Marketing  What Has the Web Become?!?! 

Erin Carlson, CompleteMarkets - Jacksonville, FL 32224
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As much as you might fight this fact, social media is rapidly becoming what the web is going to be. Think about it for a second. Those of you who have a facebook account will learn all about what your friends are listening to, what movies they like, what resturant they are eating at, what entertainment they are partking in, and most of all where you can access information to ALL of those. Your friends are marketing for those products to you!

As a consumer are you more apt to purchase something your friend loves or something you've watched on TV? We don't trust all those paid actors promising us that THEIR product is the one to purchase, but we DO trust our friend's and family's opinins. What better way to market to potential customer than allowing your current customers to boast about YOUR product!!

No matter what product or service you offer getting your custromers to market your product will increase your chance of gaining new clients.

The question today...How the heck do you do this?!?!?
7 year(s) ago
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