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Agency Acquisitions: Buyer Beware!
Don’t overpay for an acquisition! When Quaker Oats purch...on’t allow yourself to be placed in poor financial shape because you overpaid for a purchase. Do your homework. Know your true threshold price and...
...that are still anxious to make acquisitions have their pick of distressed opportunities right now. Just because you dec... will begin to present various methods of combining compensation and perpetuat... can work for both external acquisitions and those in which the interest of... management consultants. She will be sorely missed.
... or customer-service training, acquisitions). Pay this individual a combination of salary and results-oriented bonus based on a formula in keeping with the assigned tasks,...ntingent income, revenue per employee, or commission per producer or CSR. This article was reprinte...
External Growth With Successful Acquisitions
EXTERNAL GROWTH WITH SUCCESSFUL ACQUISITIONS by Carol Hammes Be prepared t...d management consultants. She will be sorely missed.
...e used much less frequently in acquisitions by smaller firms. There are sever...agreement than through a sale of stock or assets. In the case of a deceased partner, the payments may be income in respect of a decedent, suffering both estate an...