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... insurance on day care centers for adults is very difficult to place because o... If even a minor injury occurs, these adults could no longer be ambulatory and...
LESSOR'S RISK **** WE ACCEPT / ENTERTAIN ALL TYPES OF TENANTS **** Occupancy Percentage: 31%-100% Occupancy Acceptability: All Tenants, except fireworks, grain silos, anything military, aerospace (other than office), pharmaceutical, and a few others. General Liability Limits: $5M / $5M / $5M max primary Assault and Battery available Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability available Aggregate Per Location Endorsement available Property Limits: In-House = $3M per location / Brokerage = $10M per location Business Income, Rental Value, available up to 12-months Equipment Breakdown available Sign Coverage available Umbrella Liability: Standalone Admitted Policy Up to $10M via $1M layers $500MP per layer Limited tenant acceptability
Policy Highlights: Jeep tours, Jeep rentals and other Jeep operators require specialized insurance that includes the right combination of liability and property coverage. Colonial General has the coverage solutions that you need! Coverage available: • Colonial General currently does not have a market for altered vehicles or Extreme Tours. • We offer liability coverage up to $1,000,000 CSL • We also offer physical damage coverage with several different deductible options ranging from $500 - $5,000. • Radius options up to 500 miles. • Cargo limits up to $100,000 with refrigerator breakdown included.
Program Highlights: Whether your customers need coverage that goes wherever they do or coverage just for their property, we’ve got just the solution with our Residential Liability. Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL): • CPL goes wherever you go • Primary owner-occupied dwellings only • No corporate names Premises Liability: • Add DL 2411 • Premises stays home • Available for all occupancies • Corporate names accepted Optional Coverages: • Medical Payments • Acreage • Personal Injury (CPL only) • Day Care (CPL only) • Short-term vacation rentals (Premises only)