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...ether you've had one developed professionally or simply let it happen, experts... be your trusted advisor. Let our professionals take your concerns about prote..., and play with hoops at the Agricultural History Project. Our Gift Shop and...14, 2013, 11:00 AM  Where:  Agricultural History Project, 2601 E Lake Av...
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On Monday, December 30, 2014 in a small farming community just outside of Salinas, an unusual discovery was made.  A crop circle appeared on a small farm in Chualar. Take a look: Debra Flanager, who is a braille transcriber from New Jersey said that the dots that were placed in the middle of the circle translate to: 192 192 B 192 1 192 192 Now we just need to figure out what that means. Contact Scurich Insurance Services today for an agriculture insurance quote. Content provided by Charles Walton and Youtube.
Kim House [email protected] Born in New York, transplanted as a 5 year old to sunny California, Kim grew up in San Jose, attended Piedmont Hills High School, continued her education at San Jose City College and graduated from San Jose State University in 1975. She is married with one college age daughter. Kim has worked for Scurich Insurance for almost 8 years. Some of her passions are walking at the beach, especially Seacliff Beach, biking and swimming. She also enjoys gardening, home improvement (Kim prefers receiving tools instead of jewelry as a gift), stained glass and sewing. She belongs to Holy Eucharist Catholic Church and enjoys serving at the Salvation Army on Monday nights along with many others from Holy Eucharist Church. Content provided by Scurich Insurance Services
The most recent figures from the National Center for Health Statistics show that 18.6 million American adults (that's one in 12) suffers from asthma.  If you're one of them, buying Life insurance can be costly -- depending on the severity of your condition and your reaction to treatment.However, asthmatics with a good track record of controlling their symptoms can have a near normal life expectancy. So, if it's been more than two or three years since your asthma led to an ER visit and your condition hasn't caused you to miss work, you shouldn't have much trouble getting Life coverage at or near a "standard" premium. Before you apply for coverage, it makes sense to: Have your physician monitor your condition at least twice a year. Follow the medications the physician prescribes. List these medications on your insurance application. Provide a comprehensive medical history for the application. If you're a smoker, kick the habit! We'd be happy to review your situation and recommend the coverage that's best for you. Call us today for more information. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.