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...e various types of coverage in agricultural aviation policies is critical to p...ery domestic insurance market for agricultural aviation risks. We can help you...
Your workers compensation insurance solution for Agriculture Business Utah Business Insurance Company (UBIC) has created an agriculture – focused workers’ compensation product providing your clients with a competitive and reliable solution. UBIC combines specialized workers compensation insurance underwriting expertise, exceptional service and safety awareness to offer solutions for your client’s toughest exposures. We underwrite each account individually based on its own risk characteristics. We can consider a broad spectrum of accounts because we are not template underwriters. Underwriting guidelines Most NCCI agriculture/farm codes eligible Available in the following states: AZ, CO, ID, NM, NV, OR and UT Target account premiums starting at $1,000 Experience modification factors up to 1.50 (higher - referral) Multi locations / Multi states eligible Accounts coming out of PEO or leasing are eligible Group transportation and lodging restrictions Payment plans and Monthly Self Reporting available Risk Management Tools Available Safety Manuals Safety Meetings Logs Safety Tips and Checklists Annual, bi-annual, quarterly risk management assessment (frequency based on account's needs) Online/Physical/Phone consultation on safety and accident prevention
When you  think of insurance, the typical ones come up.  Auto insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance and business insurance.  Some people may have even heard of umbrella insurance, flood insurance, farm insurance and so on. But we want to share with you about some of the more uncommon types of insurance that are out there. Cold Feet Insurance.  That's right.  If your spouse-to-be happens to get cold feet right before the big day, reimbursement could be in order.  However, there are some conditions:  The change of heart has to happen a full year before the wedding and the reimbursement will be sent to a third party (such as parents). Fantasy Football Insurance.  Football lovers all over are excited about this one! allows fantasy players to insure their teammates. Multiple Birth Insurance.  Oh boy, a bundle of joy is coming your way!  And then you find out you're having 3 bundles of joy!  The insurance will pay out a lump sum to parents who were expecting 1 bundle of joy.  The condition is that you did not use a fertility treatment. Divorce Insurance.  Splitting up assets and debts and adding legal expenses to the mix, divorce can get costly.  Divorce insurance will help with a payout in case of divorce. Chicken Insurance.  Yes, you heard me correct.  Pet insurance has been popular for all of the dog and cat lovers for years, but now some insurance companies have included the not-so-common pets such as chickens and mice. Kidnapping Insurance.  For companies who have overseas employees to people who travel to third world countries, kidnapping insurance is there to help cover the costs associated with kidnapping, including negotiators fees, travel expenses and the ransom itself. Drunk Guest Insurance.  For everyone who loves to entertain at your home, this one's for you!  The formal name is social host liquor liability coverage and this will provide coverage for an intoxicated guest who destroys property or harms another person.  Most homeowners insurance policies have something like this in the policy. Infertility Insurance.  You really want to have a baby and in-vitro is a viable option.  The costs of fertility treatments can be excessive.  Infertility Insurance will help you out with your dream, but only if you live in one of the fifteen states that offer this special insurance. Golf Insurance.  This kind of insurance is popular throughout Asia and Europe. Bedbug Insurance.  Typical homeowners and renters insurance won't cover the costs associated with a bedbug infestation, which can add up to the $1,000s.  Most bedbug infestations occur during travel, so when you sign up for travel insurance, make sure you have a bedbug rider. Scurich Insurance Services can help you out with many types of insurance policies.  Give us a call today! Content provided by Transformer Marketing and
A review of many lawsuits and claims against firms in the construction industry reveals that one of the key causes of disputes, and thus litigation, can be summarized as "unmet expectations." Whether it's a clear case of the contractor failing to deliver what was promised (such as work that doesn't meet project specs), or an evolving standard on the part of clients (workmanship issues), an unhappy client/contractor relationship creates a fertile breeding ground for allegations of liability. Although we review your Liability coverage program and needs regularly, good risk management also requires other measures to help minimize or prevent such actions. For example, when negotiating agreements, it's crucial to define project parameters clearly. Never begin work until the agreements are completed fully. According to one industry study, companies experienced far more claims when they provided services before a completed agreement. It also helps to be selective in choosing clients. A potential client's history of past litigation, complaints against you or other contractors, and their reputation for fairness and financial stability all indicate what you can expect in future dealings. If there are one or more red flags, proceed with caution. Beyond the specifics of any agreement, it's also critical to manage the client's expectations. Although it might be tempting to brag about how great the final product will be and list numerous examples of superior work during the negotiation (and pricing) process, the fact is that the higher the client's expectations, the greater their dissatisfaction when you don't meet those expectations. Be clear about what you can accomplish within a given budget and the effects of making changes once the job is underway. The more the client is prepared to accept what happens during a project, the less likely that they'll immediately go to the mattresses once a problem arises. It's always better to negotiate expectations with your clients now, than to have their attorneys negotiating settlements later. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.
... Flatbed Freight Agricultural Commodities (fertilizer cannot be more that 33% ammonium ni...