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Do you enjoy researching and finding the right insurance coverages for your business? Do you find insurance interesting? Chances are the answer to both questions is no, and that’s ok! The reality is insurance is an integral part of your business. In the situations we all hope never happen, insurance can save your business, your family, and your employees. As important as it is, though, many business leaders don’t understand it and don’t have the time to dedicate to getting it right. And, when not done right, you could pay the price at the worst possible time.
... Agricultural Haulers Auto Carriers (not ...cial Riggers Refuse Haulers Sand/Gravel ...
...y Van Refrigerated Goods Haulers Grain & Agricultural Goods Haulers Flatbed Haulers Non-Hazardous Liquid Commod...
...ed Haulers, Pneumatics, Refers, Agriculture Haulers, Containerized Freight, Building Mat...
CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT INSURANCE INLAND MARINE Give us the opportunity to provide your client with a quote that will give them the coverage they need. We can turn a quote around to you in record time. Our "AIM" is to provide you with excellent service and support! Reasons we are your market of choice for Contractors Equipment Insurance: Special Form Mono-line coverage Competitve rates Short term available for Leased or Rented Equipment Low deductibles Low Minimum Premiums Eligible Equipment: Contractors Logging Forestry Agricultural Construction Industrial Landscaping Roadbuilding Personal Farm Use Product Highlights: Admitted paper Company expertise in class Excellent Claim Service Prompt quotes available
We are a unique insurance company. The ‘prime’ reason for our success is our unique partnership approach to agents, insureds and markets. We partner with agents and brokers and provide custom underwriting expertise and offer innovative solutions when other carriers decline coverage. We do not interfere with your current markets. We have the in house expertise and staffing to respond quickly with expertise and accurate quotes. We adapt constantly to the needs of insureds, and provide them with top-notch service with support, claims management. We have a proven track record of fighting frivolous litigation, something you do not see many of our competitors do. Hard to place risks, creative underwriting and superior customer service combined with our many markets and our stellar track record make Prime Insurance a logical choice for all agents and brokers. As an agent/broker - If you care about providing quality products and services to your clients, then you should partner with Prime.