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...erations, home inspector, liquor liability, mold, railroad protective, reposse...e Special Events Including Liquor Liability Cultural, Fund Raising, Wed...
...e Pollution and/or Environmental Products you are looking for. General Liabil...asbestos, mold and transportation pollution liability. PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY (PL) ...
The Pollution Legal Liability (PLL) policy protec... Covers both sudden and gradual pollution events. Multi-year policies... Devices Food & Drink Products Child/Infant-related Products Cosmetics Automotive Parts Wood Products Ingestibles Animal Products Metal Products Additional highlights: Minim...
Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) is a contractor-bas...more information on our Contractors Pollution Liability program!
Your workers compensation insurance solution for Construction Risks Utah Business Insurance Company (UBIC) has created a construction – focused workers’ compensation product, offering solutions for your clients’ toughest exposures. Each account is underwritten individually based on its own risk characteristics (not class driven underwriting). Underwriting guidelines Most NCCI construction codes eligible Underwriting authority based on experience and industry specific qualifications Available in the following states: AZ, CO, ID, NM, NV, OR and UT Target account premiums starting at $2,500 ($5,000 for roofing) Experience modification factors up to 1.50 (higher - referral) Minimum 3 employees other than owners/officers New ventures okay with proven prior experience in the same industry Multi locations / Multi states eligible Accounts coming out of PEO or leasing are eligible Payment plans and Monthly Self Reporting available Construction Workers Compensation Insurance Program Risk Management tools available Safety Manuals Safety meetings logs Safety tips and checklists Annual, bi-annual, quarterly risk management assessment (frequency based on account’s needs) Online/physical/phone consultation on safety and accident prevention
... components and short shelf life products; accounts that have infrequent moder..."). Minimum Premium $10,000 Products Liability. Pool Contractors ~ Contractor Pollution Liability ~ Environmental Contractors and Con... Contents, Inland Marine & Liability Cargo ...lding Contents, Inland Marine & Liability
... Agriculture Products Auto Dealerships ... & Bars Rubber Products Textile Mills ...