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What is the Home Insurance claim process like? Your insurance policy will outline your deductible (and/or waiver of deductible), and the contact information to file a claim. It also outlines what is covered and what is excluded from coverage. Take pictures of all the damage, losses, and document in great detail what you expect to claim. Armed with policy in hand you should call the insurance company and begin the claims process. You will be assigned a claims adjustor after the initial claim filing. You can file a claim on the phone or online in most cases. You will be contacted by the adjustor who will ask for more details and have some questions. The adjustor will them come out or send out a professional to assess the damage, if needed. They will file a report and guide you through the rest of the process – every insurance company is different in the order of handling reimbursements, paperwork filing and organizing repairs etc. But, if you are with a reputable home insurance company, you will have the right information at every step of the way. A local insurance agent, such as us can help walk you through the whole process and coordinate with the insurer and the claims adjustor to make the claims process much easier on the home owner and their family and loved ones – another reason to use a local insurance agency in the Baton Rouge, LA area. What about Renters and Condo insurance? Condo owners insurance essentially the same as homeowners insurance. There are some differences since there are some factors at play such as Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) and they also carry insurance, but in essence, getting insurance for your condo is comparable (maybe less expensive in some areas) to home owners insurance. A cousin to homeowners (or condo owners) insurance is Renters insurance – this is an increasingly popular policy among people renting. The Great Recession may have been a catalyst as more people resorted to renting rather than buying, but there is data that shows that millennials prefer to rent rather than make a larger investment of their time and money in a home/mortgage. Renters insurance typically covers the valuables in the renter’s apartment/condo/home. The primary insured is the person/s renting the home and the estimated value of their property in the rental unit. It normally covers fire and casualty damage, but there are some additional coverages available in some areas like theft coverage, jewelry/valuables, etc. To learn more from our experts in the Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas, get in touch with us. Why use a local insurance agent for homeowners insurance? Homes are physically rooted to one spot. And the location they are in has unique characteristics. From city ordinances to county and state regulations, conditions vary. And then there are geographical factors that Mother Nature contributes to, sometimes in very large meaningful ways – think earthquakes, forest fires and hurricanes. A local insurance agent doesn’t have to be in in your backyard. They can be within a hundred or so miles and completely understand the nuances surrounding your home. A local insurance agent has knowledge that a non-local agent just does not have. Information like – what is the financial health of the largest home insurance carrier in your county; or are home insurance rates expected to rise in your area because of recent events. So, call us, your local insurance agent – we understand the Baton Rouge, LA area very well and can give you quality (and money saving) insurance advice.