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...uto insurance bill? At Romania Animal Rescue Inc, our agents are always trying to ...
Why use a local insurance agent for homeowners insurance? Homes are physically rooted to one spot. And the location they are in has unique characteristics. From city ordinances to county and state regulations, conditions vary. And then there are geographical factors that Mother Nature contributes to, sometimes in very large meaningful ways – think earthquakes, forest fires and hurricanes. A local insurance agent doesn’t have to be in in your backyard. They can be within a hundred or so miles and completely understand the nuances surrounding your home. A local insurance agent has knowledge that a non-local agent just does not have. Information like – what is the financial health of the largest home insurance carrier in your county; or are home insurance rates expected to rise in your area because of recent events. So, call us, your local insurance agent – we understand the Livermore, CA area very well and can give you quality (and money saving) insurance advice. What does home owners insurance cost? This can vary greatly, as you would expect. Here are some affecting factors – Estimated value of property/dwelling including improvement value. Location of the home and homes surrounding it. We understand the specific conditions in the Livermore, CA and surrounding areas. How the home is occupied (usage and residents) Insurance history and profile of the primary insured. Who the insurer is and their history in the region. Recent catastrophes in the area. The primary insure/s credit history and ability to keep the policy current. What is homeowners insurance? An insurance policy for your home normally has at the very minimum fire and casualty coverages – that’s dwelling (property) and valuables coverage for the value (and valuables) of your home/property. It covers the cost of replacing part or all of the property that was damaged through fire or some casualty (through no negligence of you or anyone living there at the time). With a coverage limit based on what is stated in the policy. Higher coverage limits normally cost more money. There are additional coverages such as flood, earthquake and other local specific coverages that can be obtained. Our agents are well versed in the nuances of home owners insurance in the Livermore, CA area.
Types of business insurance Bodily Injury Property Damage Harassment Discrimination Directors & Officers Liability Errors and Omissions (E&O) Advertising Injury Personal Injury Workers Compensation A comprehensive general liability insurance policy should help keep you in business with - Legal expenses Medical expenses Settlement expenses Our business insurance experts have helped many businesses in the Livermore, CA and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too. Who needs business insurance? In a word – every business! If you are a white collar professional (consultant), or run a business, a contractor, or small business owner, you need some form of general liability protection to safeguard your business. A single accident could result in a costly lawsuit. A general liability insurance policy is a great way to protect your business. You want to make sure you have liability coverage that matches your level of exposure. Some employers or clients might require you to carry a certain amount of general liability before you can work for them. To learn more from our experts in the Livermore, CA and surrounding areas, get in touch with us. Common Exclusions Please note, coverage does vary by insurer and it will include additional exclusions other than the examples below. It would be best to thoroughly review your policy to know exactly what your policy does and doesn't cover. Damage to Your Work - Usually, commercial general liability policies exclude coverage for property damage to your work. Damage to Your Product - Commercial general liability policies will not cover property damage to your product. Contractual Liability - Commercial general liability policies exclude coverage for bodily injury or property damage that you are obligated to pay because you assumed liability in a contract or agreement. Recall of Products, Work, or Impaired Property - Commercial general liability policies will not pay the cost to recall faulty products, work, or impaired property. You do have the option to add this coverage to the policy by endorsement for an additional cost. Workers' Compensation and Employer's Liability - Commercial general liability policies don’t provide coverage for workers' compensation, or employer's liability. There may be other exclusions that apply on a local level to the Livermore, CA and surrounding areas.
Designed to serve all types of animal welfare organizations including humane societies, SPCA’s, animal shelters, foster-based rescues, animal sanctuaries, wildlife sancuaries. management tools specific the the animal welfare organizations needs includ...
Animal Services Insurance Our Animal Services Insurance is designed to protect your Animal Service clients, such as animal shelters, boarding kennels, pet Horse Drawn Vehicle Rides Animals and Saddles - For Rent Animal Service Coverage Features: ...