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Sample Presentation Package
[NAME OF COMPANY HERE] Presented by: Producer's Name Here Date ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL We ask that you do not accept our brief description of the insurance coverages as a complete explanation of the policy terms. A narrative description can never replace a policy. The actual policy language will govern the scope and the limits of the coverage provided. You may wish to consult your attorney concerning this. The enclosed recommendations and premium quotation are proposed to provide protection for your property, casualty, workers compensation, business auto and any other applicable coverages. This is not an insurance policy, does not bind coverage, and is intended only to be our presentation per the information received from you by our agency for quotation. We are open to suggestions you may have regarding policy coverages and limits with respect to your individual business needs. We ask that you refer to policy wordings for exclusions and limitations to the insurance coverages. Table of Contents I. Introduction to XXX & Company II. Account Service Proposal III. Client Services IV. Workers Compensation V. Business Automobile VI. Commercial Property VII. Equipment Floater VIII. Installation Floater IX. Commercial General Liability X. Commercial Crime XI. Umbrella Liability XII. Premium Summary XIII. Account Servicing Team INTRODUCTION TO XXX COMPANY [1-page company profile] XXX & COMPANY Account Service Proposal XXX & Company feels that the insurance buyer has a right to expect more from an agent or broker upon premium payment than the delivery of a policy with its promise of protection: It is our goal to act as a risk management department for our clients. XXX & Company has always sought to supplement insurance company services and give its clients added value for the insurance dollars they pay. Certain minimum activities are necessary for such a program to function properly. XXX & Company performs several functions for its clients that will help them get the maximum benefit for their insurance dollars, doing much more than an annual analysis of exposure and values and recommendation of insurance coverages. Described below are services that XXX & Company performs in its role as an insurance agent and broker for (COMPANY NAME) Claims Handling Cameron M. Harris has a claims department staffed by 10 people. Our Claims Manager has many years of experience, and her seven assistants are fully trained in handling all of our clients' claims. Our incoming WATS number makes it easy for clients to report and discuss claims. We report, follow up on, and discuss each claim with the client. We feel we are the client's advocate with the carriers and work diligently to fulfill that role. Our relationships with independent adjusters, appraisers, salvors, and company staff adjusters are excellent. Recording all claims in our computer system allows us to analyze frequency and severity of claims without dependence on company loss runs. Loss Consulting XXX & Company Claims Department prepares loss kits for all of our clients and will meet with the client to discuss use of the loss kit. Our Claims Department will meet on a regular basis with clients to discuss claim handling, loss frequency, and other problems. Because our claims (other than Workers Compensation) are computerized, we can generate loss information at intervals which would best suit your need, not the carrier's convenience. Risk Management Insurance is only one way to handle risk. We strive to be creative in advising our clients of ways to handle any risk, whether by avoiding, shifting, or insuring. Part of our job is to assist the Risk Management Department for each of our clients. We inspect many of our clients' locations annually and work with the company engineering departments to make sure that all available loss prevention efforts are brought to bear on our client's behalf. The frequency of client meetings depends largely on engineering reports from companies, our inspections, and the Claims Department's advice about current loss frequency. Contract and Lease Analysis Many clients routinely sign lease agreements and enter into contracts without considering the impact on their insurance coverages. XXX & Company urges its clients to allow us to review all leases and contracts prior to execution. We can often recommend a shift in risk or point out insurance requirements unfavorable to our client. We do not pretend to be a substitute for your attorney, but we have found that our analyses of clients' contracts have been beneficial in uncovering potential problems. Certificate Analysis and Tracking A prudent businessperson will require a Certificate of Insurance from his or her contractors and vendors. XXX & Company performs the analysis and tracking of insurance certificates for its clients. We make sure that all certificates meet the insurance requirements of the lease or contract and periodically review the file to make sure that all certificates are up to date. If requested, we will send certificates to vendors, lessors, and contractors. Premium Allocation In a business with multiple locations or profit centers, the allocation of insurance premiums is an important function. It can be difficult to allocate premiums properly. XXX & Company will provide premium allocations for its clients at their request. CLIENT SERVICES The XXX & Company Approach CONTINUAL ASSISTANCE IN IDENTIFYING YOUR EXPOSURES TO LOSS We do not just photocopy the existing policies and try to "beat the rate." CONTINUAL ASSISTANCE IN ESTABLISHING THE VARIOUS OPTIONS IN PROTECTING AGAINST THOSE EXPOSURES We view insurance as the last option after all other possibilities have been considered and found inadequate or inappropriate. CONTINUAL ASSISTANCE IN ESTABLISHING INSURABLE VALUES We don't want you to over-insure and pay too much in premium, nor do we want you to under-insure and incur a penalty in the event of a claim. CONTINUAL REVIEW OF POLICY WORDING, CLASSIFICATIONS, AND PREMIUMS While policy wording may be standard, businesses usually are not. We can attach special endorsements to tailor the policy coverages to your specific needs. In addition, we frequently find incorrect classifications on policies, which, when corrected, will reduce premiums. PERIODIC LOSS CONTROL REVIEW BY OUR STAFF Loss control makes good business sense: The fewer claims you incur, the lower your premiums will be. PERIODIC AUDITING OF CLAIMS RESERVES Insurance companies sometimes set initial claims reserves too high and/or fail to adjust the reserve once a claim is closed. Because inaccurate reserves can lead to higher premiums, we closely monitor your reserves so that you are not penalized by the insurance company's error. CONTINUAL REVIEW OF LEASES AND OTHER CONTRACTS TO DETERMINE YOUR EXPOSURE TO LOSS Frequently, leases and other contracts create large exposures because of the responsibilities they place upon you. Some of those responsibilities may be readily apparent to you and others may not. We carefully review your leases and other contracts to determine whether you should assume a particular exposure, and if you must assume it, how best to handle it. REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETINGS The key people at our office and your office will meet on a regularly scheduled basis to review your plans and needs. PERSONAL INSURANCE DEPARTMENT This department of our agency offers clients cost-effective and well-designed personal auto, homeowners, boat, valuable items, and other types of personal policies. FINANCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT This department offers a full range of financial planning services, including life, health and disability insurance, assistance in the design of "buy-sell" agreements, and pension and profit-sharing plans. WORKERS COMPENSATION Coverage provided Coverage A: Workers Compensation Statutory Benefits Provided Coverage B: Employer's Liability Bodily Injury by Accident: $ Each Accident Bodily Injury by Disease: $ Policy Limit Bodily Injury by Disease: $ Each Employee Classifications, codes, payrolls Classification Code Payroll Rate Other provisions Policy will be audited at expiration and premium adjusted to reflect actual payroll. Rating reflects experience modification factor of ___________. BUSINESS AUTOMOBILE Limits of Liability $1 million per Accident Medical Payments $2,000 per Person Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists $1 million per Accident Includes Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability Coverage Physical Damage Coverages Valuation Basis: Actual Cash Value Comprehensive Deductible: $1,000 per Occurrence Collision Deductible: $1,000 per Occurrence Scheduled Vehicles: COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Limits: Building: $ Contents: $ Loss of Income: $ Computer: $ Coverage: Special Form $ Deductible per Occurrence Replacement Cost Valuation 90% Coinsurance Clause Applies EQUIPMENT FLOATER Special Form Coverage Form including Theft Actual Cash Valuation Basis $ per Occurrence Deductible Scheduled Equipment: Unscheduled Equipment: INSTALLATION FLOATER Special Form Coverage Deductible $ Deductible Limits of Liability: Any One Location: $ Per Disaster: $ Temporary Site: $ In Transit: $ Estimated Installation Receipts COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY Location: Limits of Liability Per Occurrence: $1 million General Aggregate: $2 million Products/Completed Operations Aggregate: $1 million Personal /Advertising Injury: $1 million Fire Damage (any one fire): $ 50,000 Medical Expense (any one person): $ 5,000 Coverages provided Coverage A: Bodily Injury and Property Damage Premises/Operations Liability Products/Completed Operations Liability Contractual Liability Fire Damage Legal Liability Broad Form Property Damage Host Liquor Liability Incidental Medical Malpractice Non-Owned Watercraft Limited Worldwide Liability Extended Bodily Injury Newly Acquired Organizations Coverage B: Personal/Advertising Injury Coverage C: Medical Payments Classification, codes, premium bases Classification Code Premium Basis Policy premium is estimated, subject to audit at policy expiration. COMMERCIAL CRIME Coverages and limits Employee Dishonesty $ Forgery or Alteration $ Loss Inside Premises Scheduled Loss Outside Premises Scheduled Deductible $ UMBRELLA LIABILITY Limit of Liability: $1 million Self-insured Retention: $ 10,000 PREMIUM SUMMARY Workers Compensation $ Business Auto Commercial Property Commercial General Liability Umbrella Liability TOTAL PREMIUM: $ Payment Plan: RECOMMENDED OPTIONAL COVERAGES HIRED AUTO PHYSICAL DAMAGE Comprehensive Deductible: Collision Deductible: Premium: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS LIABILITY Claims-Made Number of Employees: Each Wrongful Act: $1 million Total Limit $1 million Deductible $ 1,000 UMBRELLA Limit of Liability Premium Limit of Liability Premium ENERGY SYSTEMS Limit Deductible Premium "ALL SYSTEMS GO" Business Equipment Protection KEY PRODUCT FEATURES Total Systems approach, including: Heating Systems Cooling Systems Electrical Systems Mechanical Systems Computing Systems Communication Systems Limitless Policy, including: Property Damage Business Interruption Extra Expense Consequential Damage No Sublimits on: Water Damage Ammonia Contamination Expediting Expense Sublimits of: Additional Expense $25,000 Business Interruption 12 months Single Combine Deductible Spoilage Settlement on Selling Price Off-Premise Power coverage included Eligibility to Building Value of $18,750,000 Designed for "Main Street," Non-Manufacturing Accounts SAMPLE LETTER: PRESENT CLIENTS (Just put this letter in your word processing system and send it out on your personal letterhead.) Date Name, Title Company Name Address City, State, ZIP Dear [name]: An important new form of business protection has just come on the market, and I wanted to make sure you knew about it. Until now, most property or fire insurance policies specifically excluded accidental breakdown coverage for computer systems, telephone equipment and fax machines, duplicating equipment, and other critical business systems. All that has changed. One of America's oldest and best respected insurance companies, The YYY Company, has introduced a policy called "All Systems Go." It protects all the equipment I've mentioned, plus your heating, cooling, and electrical systems. "All Systems Go" reimburses you for the repair or replacement of failed or damaged systems. It also compensates you for lost revenue or spoilage caused by equipment breakdowns. One of the best features of this policy is its low cost. It's a good value, especially compared to what an equipment breakdown could cost you. I'll call shortly and give you a few specifics on how this protection can enhance your property insurance portfolio. Cordially yours, [YOUR NAME] ACCOUNT SERVICING TEAM Account Executive: NAME OFFICE PHONE Account Assistant: NAME(S) Claims Reporting: NAME(S) ALL CLAIMS REPORTING USE WATTS LINE NUMBER: (800) 555-XXXX XXX & Company Street Address City, State Phone: Fax: