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Take advantage of our Claims Audit Verification program. This program may allow you to receive up to 25% commission! Claim administrators, insured, their accountants, brokers, agent, consultants, risk managers and claims managers, third party administrators and insurance carriers have dealt with the issue of reserving practices and the costs associated with the reserves. The reserve provides a charge that is hopefully representative of a reasonably accurate final cost. Losses paid are a variable factor that bears directly on the claims practice of the adjuster. Benefits of Claim Audit Verification: Demonstrate an improved loss history & facilitates underwriting history. Produce higher dividends & lower retrospective rated premiums. Results in lower earned premium audit bills. Produces underwriting profits. Verify Claim Files Handled, Adjusted and Maintained by: Commercial Insurance Carriers Independent Third Party Administrators Group Trusts State Insurance Funds Safety Groups Captive TPA’s In-House Administration of Self-Insurers Claims Audit Verification Management reduces the cost of: Large Deductible plans (Self-Insured Plans) Retrospective rated Plans Scheduled Dividend Plans Retention Plans Cost-Plus Plans Average claim is open 208 weeks. Verification Reviews for: Insured Brokers Agents Consultants Accountants Attourneys Benchmark Reviews for Carriers/TPA’s Additional Verification Applications : Premium Adjustment Reviews Dividend Statements Litigation Support Due Diligence for Merger/Acquisitions Claims Audit Verification Contact us today for more information.
How to pay for your auto insurance policy? The policy normally is valid for 6 months, and renews every six months, although some policies are annual. You can change auto insurance at any time and get a pro-rated refund if due. Most carriers will give you multiple payment options – Monthly auto debit from your bank account. Pay by mail/check (includes a service fee) Quarterly or bi-monthly payments. What auto insurance coverages follow the driver and what coverages follow the vehicle? You will need to double check with your agent and/or insurance carrier who will help you understand your policy and its exclusions, but, in general – Liability insurance follows the driver to any eligible vehicle driven by the insured. Comprehensive and Collision insurance however are related to the vehicle and follow the covered vehicle. But, many conditions apply, the most common of which is that the ‘loaned’ vehicle must have been driven with explicit permission from the person loaning (the primary insured) the vehicle. Exceptions apply, get in touch and we will help you understand your policy exceptions and coverages. To learn more from our experts in the Conyers, GA and surrounding areas, get in touch with us. Auto Insurance coverages explained Bodily-injury liability insurance is mandatory in all states. The exceptions or workarounds are - New Hampshire (personal responsibility requirement by owner/driver) Virginia (uninsured motorist fee) Mississippi (motorists can post bonds) So, at the very minimum all drivers must have bodily-injury liability insurance or some form of protection for damages to the drivers of the vehicles involved, their passengers and even pedestrians. Our auto insurance experts have helped many folks in the Conyers, GA and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too.
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