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How business (liability) insurance works. The general liability coverage of a business insurance policy outlines the maximum amount the insurance company will pay against a liability claim. For example, if your business gets sued for $250,000 for medical costs associated with an injury plus an additional $100,000 in legal fees, but your coverage amount is maxed at $300,000, then you would be responsible for paying the difference of $50,000. Now, if you are on the higher end of the risk scale, and already have general liability insurance, you can also opt for excess insurance or business umbrella insurance that increases your coverage limits. This will cover you in situations in which you’re worried that your existing coverage won’t cover all your costs should someone file and win a claim against you. Our agents have helped many businesses in the Takoma Park, MD and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too. Types of business insurance Bodily Injury Property Damage Harassment Discrimination Directors & Officers Liability Errors and Omissions (E&O) Advertising Injury Personal Injury Workers Compensation A comprehensive general liability insurance policy should help keep you in business with - Legal expenses Medical expenses Settlement expenses Our business insurance experts have helped many businesses in the Takoma Park, MD and surrounding areas. Get in touch, we can help you too. Who needs business insurance? In a word – every business! If you are a white collar professional (consultant), or run a business, a contractor, or small business owner, you need some form of general liability protection to safeguard your business. A single accident could result in a costly lawsuit. A general liability insurance policy is a great way to protect your business. You want to make sure you have liability coverage that matches your level of exposure. Some employers or clients might require you to carry a certain amount of general liability before you can work for them. To learn more from our experts in the Takoma Park, MD and surrounding areas, get in touch with us.
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