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...ilable: Water Backup Increases in HO3 form special limits (automatic) Ident...
To make you feel right at home with us, we offer coverage for Homeowners Insurance utilizing ISO forms. The HO-3, HO-4, HO-6 and HO-8 are all available. So whether you're trying to place coverage for a one- or two-family owner-occupied or owner-secondary home, a renter, or a condominium unit owner, we have what you need! Automatic coverage for: Personal Property Comprehensive Personal Liability Medical Payments Other Structure Coverage Loss of Use Also available for Homeowners Insurance: Extended Replacement Cost Identity Fraud Expense Water Back-Up and Dump Discharge or Overflow Extended Liability Coverage for rental properties or a secondary residence Builder's Risk/Course of Construction In-Home Business in some states Personal Injury Loss Assessment Having difficulty with other markets? Not with us! We specialize in risks with: Prior losses Prior declinations Lower value homes in good condition Higher value homes No prior insurance New purchases Homes in distressed markets For more information regarding Homeowners Insurance, please feel free to contact us!
RISC's Home Select is a High-Value Homeowners' Insurance product designed specifically for homes and condos over $250,000 in value located throughout the United States. Primary and vacation homeowners will now have access to coverage in areas where it may normally be difficult to obtain property insurance. RISC Home Select can also cover homes in the course of construction, vacant, corporately or estate owned, as well as homes located in the high risk areas such as: Coastline High Winds Brush Fires Floods or Rising Water Earthquake PC 9 or 10 This product is a direct effort to give peace of mind to those in these high risk areas. We are targeting to homeowners with the following credentials: Owned property with a dwelling value in excess of $250,000 with a total insured value of up to $10,000,000* Liability limits up to $1,000,000 Personal Articles Floater up to $250,000* *Higher limits available with referral Contact RISC today for all your High-Value Homeowners Insurance risks!
Atlantic Specialty Lines, Inc. can provide your agency with access to an "A++" rated carrier to place your Personal Umbrella Insurance & Excess Umbrella coverage, both in standard and non-standard markets. Whether you have a preferred client of a high risk one with DUI we have a product for you with up to $5 or $10 million limits. Personal Umbrella Insurance Broad Risk Appetite Limits up to $10,000 for primary and excess umbrella Excess UM/UIM offered on every quote Customer base includes: Preferred, Standard, High Risk, Celebrities, Farms Pre and post judgment interest Defense outside the limits Volunteer activities Host liquor and prescription drugs No schedule of underlying insurance No annual aggregates ID theft resolution services included at no charge Direct Bill optional In just a few minutes... Instant online ( & telephone quotes (1-877-SMPL-R8S) The DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR, see it for yourself!