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Our Homeowners Insurance Market Specializes in: ... Dwelling/Fire Homeowners (including high valued homes) ...
...C's Home Select is a High-Value Homeowners' Insurance product designed specifi...RISC today for all your High-Value Homeowners Insurance risks!
... Builder's Risk - (COC) Earthquake ...
Builders Risk Insurance J.M. Wilson provides a comprehensive inland marine product that is available for ground-up, mid term, or long-term projects, homes undergoing renovations, and more! Our Builders Risk Insurance covers against damage to buildings while they are under construction. Our policies are written for the full duration of the construction project. Product Features: Fully earned 3,6,or 12 month policy $1 million liability limits available $1,000 minimum deductible Replacement cost valuation Low Minimum premiums Our Builders Risk Insurance covers frame and brick vaneer, joisted masonry, non-combustible, masonry non-combustible and fire resistive. We offer optional coverages that include theft of building materials, and builder's risk extended coverage. All inspections are done by and at the expense of the company.
...nstruction on the non-admitted Homeowners Program. Benefits: • Eas... intended occupancy types. So, if Homeowners is not a fit, be sure to write ...
Builder's Risk Insurance protects unique exposures of property in the course of construction. Covered property includes: Construction material and supplies Structural and construction features such as foundations and excavations Scaffolding that is used in the construction process Does not provide coverage for existing structures, land, plants or autos Builder's Risk Insurance can also include: Permission to occupy coverage Ability to write large projects Frame construction Fire Department service charges Debris removal Valuable papers and records Pollutant clean up and removal For more information about Builder's Risk Insurance, please contact our office.
Eligible Classes: - vacant dwellings with or without renovations - vacant commercial buildings with or without renovations - builders risk – both dwellings and commercial Policy Terms: - 3, 6 or 12 month terms - Quarterly installments available on 12 month policies Coverage: ISO coverage forms: - building & personal property – CP0010 - builders risk – CP0020 - condo unit owners – CP0018 Basic Causes of Loss Form – ISO CP1010 Premises Liability Coverage – ISO CG0001 NO coverage for theft or water.- Deductibles: - property: $250.00 per occurrence (no renovations) - property: $500.00 per occurrence (with renovations) - liability: $250.00 per occurrence (with or without renovations) Minimum Retained Premiums: - annual policy: 25% or $100.00 whichever is greater - six month policy: 50% or $100.00 whichever is greater - three month policy: 25% or $100.00 whichever is greater
...sued and Extended • Builder or Homeowners as Named Insured • Extension Beyon...