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Hello, I have a client who runs a traveling circus, and is looking to place their WC policy for the first time. The client has been in business for 3 years, but was recently told by the State of Florida that coverage must be in place by the 28th of this month. Had previously flown under the radar without coverage.... Payroll for code 9186 is $297,000 and with a rate of $22.24, the expected manual premium is $66,052.80!! 14 employees total under class code 9186, plus 3 clerical code 8810. Class code 9186 description is attached. Have signed No Loss Affidavit from the insured as well. Insured travels to the following states, but primary risk state is Florida: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. Please let me know if anyone has a market they have previously worked with that can write a risk such as this!! Thank you, Aaron Kane 727.417.9285
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