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All Insurance Underwriters (AIU) is a Master General Agency (MGA) consisting of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions. The company mission is simple "provide quality workers compensation markets to our agency partners in a broad array of industries regardless of size, risk or prior experience". Our proven workers' compensation insurance products assist our agency partners and their clientele in obtaining quality yet affordable coverage nationwide.

New Jobs in The United States

Author ChrisCoalson , 7/3/2013
Even though we are all still struggling in the current economy, to say there are no jobs in the United States would be false.

Serving More Than 45 Million People

Author ChrisCoalson , 6/26/2013

The Young Men’s Club of America and The Young Women’s Club of America serve more than 45 million people in 124 countries. Better known as the YMCA or YWCA this is a nonprofit association dedicated to bringing about lasting personal and social change. With a focus on nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving the nation’s health and well-being and providing opportunities to give back and support neighbors, the Y enables youth, adults, families and communities to be healthy, confident, connected and secure. Staff includes paid and volunteers that consist of men, women, and children of all ages from all walk of the world. The YMCA programs focus on services and initiatives focused on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, according to the unique needs of the communities it engages. A workout center, swimming pool, gymnastics, camps and much more are all offered at most YMCA for their members to enjoy.

With so many programs and so many employees it is easy for an accident to occur. Coaches, customer service, maintenance, camp counselors, and child care are just a few of the jobs at YMCA/YWCA centers. Slips and falls are the most common injuries that occur quite often for YMCA employees. All Insurance Underwriters offers YMCA/YWCA workers compensation for all of your employee’s needs.  All Insurance Underwriters takes pride in finding creative solutions for every type of risk regardless of size. Let us take care of the YMCA employee risks so they can continue to serve all of our communities.

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One of the Largest Industries in the World

Author ChrisCoalson , 6/19/2013
As a hotel service worker, you provide service and  hospitality to travelers. Whether you’re a front desk clerk, maintenance  employee, or room cleaner you help to ensure that hotel operations run smoothly  and meet all the customers’ expectations.

Steel Erectors Continue to Suffer 35 fatal Accidents per Year

Author ChrisCoalson , 6/12/2013
Site preparation, Cranes, and Metal buildings are all different aspects of the steel erection industry that make up about 56,000 steelworkers

When Things Get Crazy...

Author ChrisCoalson , 5/29/2013
Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns are great pizza but my favorite kind of pizza delivery is restaurant delivery. When things get crazy at home with kids or work it’s nice to be able to get quality pizza delivered straight to my door.

Being a Roofer is a Very Physically Demanding Job

Author ChrisCoalson , 5/22/2013
Most of us don’t look up at a skyscraper and think I wonder how they put a roof on this place. Roofing is a very risky profession. Being a roofer is a very physically demanding job considering they are constantly knelling and bending, they lift heavy loads, and climb steep surfaces.

Temporary Staffing Today

Author ChrisCoalson , 5/15/2013
In the 1940’s temporary staffing became a concept of William Russell. He was hiring workers and sending them to outside companies to perform a variety of different office tasks.

Offering Non-emergency Medical Transportation Workers Compensation Insurance

Author ChrisCoalson , 5/8/2013
When driving down the street most of us see ambulances quite frequently. More than half the ambulances we see on roads on non-emergency vehicles transferring patients to hospitals, nursing homes, or outpatient care facilities. With as many as 20 trips a day drivers and companies are rushing to get as many trips completed as possible completed a day.

Accidents In Trucking

Author ChrisCoalson , 5/1/2013
At Gordon Trucking among the 3.5 million commercial truck drivers in the U.S., Dan stands out as the number one company driver out on the road as he closes in on 3 million accident free miles.

Billion Dollar Industry

Author ChrisCoalson , 4/24/2013
Medical laboratories are a 32.5 billion dollar industry with over 175,000 labs in the United States. With a range of settings including hospitals, public health facilities, and independent medical labs there are several different types of testing being conducted nationwide.