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Colonial General Insurance Agency

Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc. is a wholesale General Agency providing quality insurance products to the Independent Insurance Agent. We specializes in standard and non-standard business. We can write Property and Casualty business as well as Commercial Auto, Commercial Garage, Preferred and Brokerage.

Swimming Pool Contractors

Rolland Wiegers Rolland Wiegers , 8/7/2015
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*Please note that we only write in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, UT & WY.
Having a nice swimming pool in your backyard is a trendy feature that continues to give homes a nice impression. Not only do they look great, but they are also very valuable during the summer months. Whether it’s used for pool parties, or just for family fun; pools contribute to summer fun everywhere. However, have you ever given any thought on to how these amazing features are added to homes? Or who did all of the hard work to build the pool for their client? Yeah, not many do. Here at Colonial General we think of everyone, including all of your swimming pool contractor clients. According to, in 2009, the revenue of swimming pool construction in the U.S. reached about 52 billion U.S. dollars. This continues to grow each day. That is why it is extremely important for your client to have the coverage they need to protect them against any exposures they encounter during the job. 

Our Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance program covers property and liability on a mono-line or package basis to better suit you clients’ needs. This program is available in the Western Region (AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, UT & WY). So have your client relax, take a swim in their pool and have a good time, because we’ve got them covered. 

Contact us at 855-980-7480. Our staff is prepared to provide your clients with the coverages that they are entitled to. You can also visit our Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance storefront on CompleteMarkets. We look forward to assisting you.