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Colonial General Insurance Agency

Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc. is a wholesale General Agency providing quality insurance products to the Independent Insurance Agent. We specializes in standard and non-standard business. We can write Property and Casualty business as well as Commercial Auto, Commercial Garage, Preferred and Brokerage.

Need Vacant Dwellings Insurance? We Are the Answer.

Rolland Wiegers Rolland Wiegers , 2/24/2016
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When insurance companies here “vacant dwellings” they turn away! Why though? Is it because the risk is too high to insure a dwelling that is not occupied or only has part time residents? Maybe your clients dwelling needs renovations and won’t stay in the residence during the process.

It is understandable that insurance companies are facing a higher risk of vandalism, theft, property damages etc.

While other companies run, here at Colonial General Insurance Agency, we say bring it on!

Your clients can put their minds at ease knowing that we have a Vacant Dwellings Insurance program that has numerous possibilities for protection.

Some of our featured coverages include:

• Fire
• Extended Coverage
• Vandalism & Malicious Mischief
• Special Form – DP-3
• Premises Liability Option
• Mono-line Premises Liability

Your clients will not only get the coverage they need for their dwelling and have their needs met, but we take it a step further and let your client tailor their policy as they see fit.

Our Vacant Dwelling Insurance program is available in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV, NM, UT, and WY

You and your client can reach out to us anytime to simply learn more about our program or to get a quote with deductible options!