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Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc. is a wholesale General Agency providing quality insurance products to the Independent Insurance Agent. We specializes in standard and non-standard business. We can write Property and Casualty business as well as Commercial Auto, Commercial Garage, Preferred and Brokerage.

How Is Your Health Studio?

Rolland Wiegers Rolland Wiegers , 3/23/2016
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As a Health Studio owner your customers look to your business for body toning, relaxation, health fitness or even dancing. With many people coming in and out of your business numerous types of accidents can happen.

Let’s say that there is a customer walking or running on the treadmill and there is a malfunction or the customer was to fall and an injury was caused from this accident. The questions become; am I covered for a bodily injury? How am I going to replace the treadmill?

Or, let’s say during a boxing class the chain holding the punching bag up was to break from the ceiling which causes not only a big hole in the ceiling, but causes the bag to fall and possibly cause injury to someone. Not only is the business owner now looking at property damage, and equipment damage, but also bodily injury.

In a business like this your client needs to know they are protected for any event!

With no deductible required, Colonial General has a great Health Studio Insurance program that has a broad range of coverages. Our property and liability coverage is available on mono-line or package basis for health and exercise clubs including: exercise equipment clubs, aerobic studios, weight lifting gyms, personal trainers, masseuses/massage parlors, dance studios, and physical therapists.

Please note that childcare is offered to those who are club members.

Some of our coverages are:

• Primary Limits up to $3,000,000 Occurrence and Aggregate
• Medical Payments Coverage—$5,000 Limit
• Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement
• Club Members as additional insureds
• Errors and Omissions Coverage Part—Policy Limits
• Replacement Cost or ACV
• Equipment Breakdown
• Basic, Broad or Special Form
• Building

Our Health Studio Insurance program is available to those in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV, NM, UT, and WY

To learn more about what our program can do for your client please click here to view our Health Studio Insurance storefront or send us an email!