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Colonial General Insurance Agency

Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc. is a wholesale General Agency providing quality insurance products to the Independent Insurance Agent. We specializes in standard and non-standard business. We can write Property and Casualty business as well as Commercial Auto, Commercial Garage, Preferred and Brokerage.

Social Service risk solutions through Colonial General!

Rolland Wiegers Rolland Wiegers , 8/18/2016
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For more information on any of our programs please contact an
underwriter at 480-991-7889 or visit our website at:
Social Service Risks
Colonial General's office can offer a unique, comprehensive
program designed exclusively for social service agencies.
- Adoption and foster care placement centers
- Substance abuse programs
- Mental health counseling centers
- Domestic violence centers
- Residential care facilities
- Developmentally disabled programs
- Schools for special needs... and more!
* GL/EBL/Property, Professional, Abuse, & Hired/Non-Owned Auto
Packages available for select classes.
To contact us, and for more information, please visit our CompleteMarkets storefront.