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Colonial General Insurance Agency

Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc. is a wholesale General Agency providing quality insurance products to the Independent Insurance Agent. We specializes in standard and non-standard business. We can write Property and Casualty business as well as Commercial Auto, Commercial Garage, Preferred and Brokerage.

Light Your Tree with Colonial

Rolland Wiegers Rolland Wiegers , 12/7/2016
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With Christmas right around the corner, Christmas Trees are a very popular item on the market, and Christmas Tree Lots need specific insurance in order to ensure they’re properly covered. Christmas trees are something that a lot of families enjoy having during the holidays, and finding the right one is something many parents look forward to doing with their children. More often than not, it becomes a family tradition of going out to your favorite tree lot with your children, and finding that perfect specimen for your home.

Before customers can get to the point of decorating their tree, it all starts with picking the perfect one. Tree picking is a lifelong memory shared with loved ones, whether it is a “cut-your-own-tree” or a “pre-cut tree”. Either way this is a moment to treasure for both you and your loved ones.

While many families are focused on picking the right tree, the tree lot itself must be focused on having the right coverage in place. They need to make sure they have the proper coverage, while they are also helping everyone else create lifelong lasting memories!

Colonial General has the program your client needs to brighten up their day!

We Can Offer:

• Primary limits up to $3,000,000 Occurrence and Aggregate
• $5,000 Medical Payments—Included
• Excess or Umbrella limits up to $25,000,000
• No deductible required

Our Christmas Tree Lot Insurance is available in: AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV, NM, UT, and WY. For more information on our program please send us an email or please view our Christmas Tree Lots Insurance storefront.