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Gladius Insurance Services, LLC

Gladius is the wholesale brokerage that is going to help you place your “hard to write” contractors general liability, excess and pollution coverage. We provide retail agents nationwide with an unfair advantage of product knowledge and aggressive rates. We have strong industry relationships and resources that allow us to handle accounts of all sizes within our specialized area of expertise.

We LOVE Paper Contractors!!!

Jenni Contreras Jenni Contreras , 3/1/2017
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Do your standard carriers hang up on you
when you mention a PAPER CONTRACTOR?

Do your markets email back a decline within 2 minutes
of you sending in a PAPER CONTRACTOR?

Do the words "100% SUB OUT" make your
underwriters Start Laughing Out Loud?

Do your carriers look at you like you have
lost your mind when you say ZERO FIELD PAYROLL?

If you answered yes to any of the above...
Gladius Insurance has the answer for you.

With 12 Carriers to choose from (Some states may be less)
Gladius Has a Fantastic PAPER CONTRACTOR Hit Ratio!!

Residential Paper Contractors - Residential Completed Operations Additional Insured Available - I am not Kidding!!
•   Commercial Paper Contractors
•   100% sub costs is just fine with us
•   Additional Insured Endorsements Included
•   Waiver of Subrogation - Available
•   Primary wording - Available
•   Per Project Aggregate - Available
•   Loss Runs? No need for loss runs - no loss letter is just fine.
•   New Ventures - No Problem
•   Claims? - We write PAPER CONTRACTORS with claims on a case by case basis.
To get a hot, quick, fresh, competitive quote in 59 minutes or less, just click on the link below, answer just 12 questions and your quote is on the way to you.

If you like our price, then we can start the underwriting process.

The PAPER CONTRACTOR PROGRAM , guaranteed to put you ahead of the competition, and put a smile on your face.

Look over your desk right now and send me a PAPER CONTRACTOR - YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.

Let's make some money today !!

Call me 877 587 4999 or email me [email protected]

Jenni Contreras
To contact us, and for more information, please visit our Paper Contractors Insurance Storefront.
Gladius Insurance Services, LLC
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