Charter Buses Insurance

For those that own and/or drive a charter bus, insurance is mandatory. Commercial Auto Insurance for charter buses is not all that different than personal auto insurance for your car. It covers a wide range of instances and helps to protect the driver, the passengers, property damages, and the owners of the bus in the event of any major accident or issue. Though it might seem straightforward, there are a few different things that charter bus and private transport insurance cover and knowing a bit about both can make a huge difference in the policy you ultimately choose.

What is a Charter Bus or Private Transport?

As defined by many insurance companies, charter busses and private transport vehicles are used to transport passengers from one point to another for a fee. This could be a bus, a private car, a limousine, and more. Long story short, if you use a vehicle of any kind to transport someone for a fee, you are running what is called a private transport company and special insurance is needed to help protect passengers, driver, property and the company that owns the vehicle. It is essential that if you own a business of this type or if you even own one car that takes passengers for a fee, you consider what type of charter bus or private transport insurance you might need.

What is Charter Bus Insurance or Private Transport Insurance?

For anyone or any company that owns a charter bus insurance on the bus, the contents, and the passengers is necessary to protect the business and the people that are in the charter bus. This type of insurance is going to work to protect all aspects of your company and of the people that are involved in it. Much like auto insurance protects the driver of the car as well as passengers and anyone that might get into an accident with the driver, charter bus insurance does the same thing. The main difference is that charter policies are generally much larger, cover multiple passengers, and cover the driver, any possible motorists that may get into an accident with the bus, as well as protect the owner and the business that owns the charter service.

In some ways, charter bus and private transport insurance is a combination of a bunch of different types of insurance to get the perfect policy. This type of insurance is present to help protect anyone that might be involved with the company or with any of the vehicles in any way, shape, or form. It is necessary to keep everyone safe and to make sure that your company can keep operating safely and legally to prevent any issue that might occur. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

What does Charter Bus and Private Transport Insurance Cover?

First and foremost it covers any injury to the passengers while in the transport. This could mean injury from an accident or simple injury within the transport itself. It also covers the driver of the transport so if they are injured in an accident they can have their medical bills paid. On top of that it also covers the bus itself and the replacement and repair cost of the bus should it become damaged in an accident. This type of insurance also covers other drivers on the road that may become involved in an accident with the charter bus. Lastly, this type of insurance is also going to cover the owner of the business so that their business cannot be taken in the event of an accident where someone sues.

This type of insurance covers much of the same things that a typical insurance policy for your car might cover. It helps to make sure that when the car sets out, that everyone involved is safe. This type of policy is going to help make sure that even if something terrible does happen, everyone involved is going to be able to get the medical help and attention that they need to in order to get back to their everyday life.

Is Charter Bus Insurance Required By Law?

Yes. It is easy to assume that all types of insurance are required for the field to which they apply. Although there are some grey areas when it comes to other types of insurance, there are none when it comes to charter bus insurance. If you own or are operating a bus or other form of transport that takes people from one place to another for a fee it is required by law that you hold some form of insurance. It is necessary for each individual to take the time to look at the individual requirements of each state to see just what their state requires.

Though it might seem like enough to have auto insurance on your vehicle, since you are accepting payment for transport services the requirements for insurance coverage are a bit different. It is required that you hold enough insurance to cover an accident and that you also hold enough insurance to cover the passengers and the driver of the vehicle. You need to make sure you have insurance because if you are in an accident and it is found that you do not, the persons involved can sue you and your company for damages.

You should take the time to find out what the specific requirements for your area are as they may differ from place to place. A good example is that the cost of living in California is much higher than the cost of living in a place like West Virginia which means you are likely going to need more coverage to help take care of any possible accidents.

There are also special requirements since the vehicle is being used for monetary gain and since the person driving it is not the primary owner. If you are operating a true charter bus or private transport where cargo is involved you may also have to have special coverage for the items that are being carried within the car. It is important that before you take out any policy you take the time to talk with an agent that knows all the requirements of your state and the particular location where you will be operating.

Why Should You Get Charter bus Insurance?

For starters, charter bus insurance is required by law. In order to continue operating legally and to avoid being fined or ticketed, you need to have charter bus insurance in place before you ever take your first passenger. Another reason is that charter busses are expensive, they can easily run into the millions of dollars and it is difficult to repair and replace if you do not have some sort of an insurance policy in place to protect your investment should the bus become damaged or destroyed in the event of an accident.

Still another reason is that passengers are going to be present in your vehicle which means that you need to protect your passengers so that they are taken care of in the event of an accident. You need to make sure you have enough coverage that their medical bills are going to be taken care of, that your driver is going to be able to pay their medical bills, and that all the people involved are going to be able to pay their medical bills should an accident occur.

Still another reason is that if you do not have adequate coverage those involved in an accident can sue you personally, can sue your business, and in some cases can even take part of your business or the equity therein in order to pay for damages. If you have an adequate policy in place you will be protected in the event of an accident so that you can continue to operate and can recover from the accident no matter how serious it may be.

How Much Charter Bus or Private Transport Insurance Do You Need?

This question is a bit more difficult to answer because there are several different factors that affect how much insurance you really need. The first factor is of course the cost and value of the vehicle that is being insured. Large busses are going to cost more than small cars for instance so you are going to need larger policies for busses than you would need for cars. Another issue is the type of vehicle - say you own a Rolls Royce for transport, the insurance policy on it would be much higher than the policy on a Honda Accord for example.

Another factor is the number of passengers that the vehicle can hold. Larger vehicles that hold more passengers at once are going to need larger policies to cover those passengers. You will need coverage for each passenger that is on the bus or in the vehicle in order to be truly protected. A charter bus is going to hold around 60 people while a private car can only hold four passengers and the driver so you would need less coverage for passengers in this case. You need to make sure you have adequate coverage for passengers as well as for your driver or any other staff that might be present at the time the vehicle is in service.

Yet another consideration is the minimum requirement of your state. Though most states are going to have similar requirements, your state may need more or less coverage. You should check with officials and with agents in the area to see how much insurance you are required by law to hold. You also need to consider the number of vehicles that are being insured. Large fleets are going to cost more than a single vehicle even with fleet discounts. You should talk with an agent about any possible discounts you may get by insuring more than one vehicle.

The last consideration that you should make when deciding how much coverage you need is to look at the overall value of your business. This will help you determine how much insurance you are going to need in order to protect your business in the event that something does happen with one of your charter vehicles. You are going to want a large enough policy so that you can protect your company in the case that something does go horribly wrong.

Can I Create My own Charter Bus or Private Transport Insurance Policy?

As with the creation of any insurance policy, you can do it yourself but there are some distinct benefits to using a professional insurance agent to help with the process. You are going to need to know the laws of your particular area if you are creating your own policy, you will need to know about any discounts you may get, know about any potential hang-ups you might come up against and even know how to change and alter coverage to fit the needs of your particular company.

Using an insurance agent is the best way to get the perfect coverage without having to do a ton of extra research on your own. Agents are trained to know what laws are present, what new laws have been written, what possible issues you might have with any particular policy and how to get around any of those issues. Insurance agents are trained to know how to create the perfect insurance policy and coverages applicable for each unique need. Using an agent to help make the perfect policy is going to save you a ton of headaches and trouble when it comes to getting the perfect policy.

Find a local insurance expert here.

If you are starting a charter bus or private transport company and need to get it off the ground, you should consider what insurance you need before you ever even take your first passenger. Proper insurance can mean the difference between a successful company and one that has to deal with fines and tickets, lawsuits, and other issues involving passengers or other drivers that might be involved with one of your charter vehicles.

The best place to start is to talk with an agent to see what types of policies are out there and what type of policy you may ultimately need. You can always talk with agents to find out what policies you need and to get a great quote on what possible options you have. It is better to have a policy that might not be perfect at the start than it is to risk not having a policy at all. You can always go back and change and replace policy components to help make it perfect as your company grows and changes.
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