Condo Multi-Location Environmental Insurance

The common environmental exposures that owners of condos located in multiple unit buildings – one or more locations, home owners associations (HOA’s) and governing bodies of housing co-op’s face, go beyond the health risks related to mold exposure, radon, lead paint and asbestos poisoning.

  • ·        Sometimes planned housing communities – condominiums and co-operative housing complexes are constructed on or close to reclaimed or redeveloped superfund and brownfield sites.
  • ·        Land, air or water pollution caused by the release of pollutants, hazardous substances or contaminants during the reclaiming of sites with historical contamination, poses severe health risks to residents, operational and maintenance staff.
  • ·        Spills and leaks from under or above ground tanks used to store fuel, heating oil and lubricants used in boilers and other heating equipment, can cause accidental fire, bodily injury and property damage.
  • ·        Improper storage or usage of swimming pool chemicals and supplies, pesticides and herbicides used in landscaping, could have adverse effects on humans, animals, plants and the environment.
  • ·        Renovations and re-modelling of housing units, involving demolition and transportation of debris could cause third party exposure to excessive dust.  Hazardous emissions from newly installed materials could cause indoor air pollution.

Condo Multi Location EnvironmentalInsurance provides liability coverage against loss or damage resulting from unexpected pollution incidents.  It helps pay for:

  • ·        Legal defense costs
  • ·        Medical expenses
  • ·        Clean-up costs
  • ·        Temporary Housing/ Re-location costs of residents

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