How To Prepare For Your Annual Performance Review

Your annual performance review can be an intimidating experience as you demonstrate your value to the company, receive feedback and discuss your needs. Prepare for your next review with these tips.

Establish Goals

Decide what you want from your review. Do you want a promotion or raise, cheaper health insurance, or the ability to telecommute? Understand your goals so you can ask for them during your review.

Improve your Performance

Spend the months before your review demonstrating that you deserve the promotion, raise or special benefits request you want. Now’s a great time to:

  • Learn new skills.
  • Accept more or new responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate leadership.
  • Start and make progress on projects.
  • Deliver exceptional results.
Track your Progress

Keep records of your accomplishments with concrete examples of your worth and value to the company. Include specific, objective and verifiable numbers with proof of quantifiable results. For example, state how many clients you brought on board, your specific production figures or accident-free days.

Memorize Your Accomplishments

After you create an inventory of your accomplishments, memorize the list. You should feel confident enough to share these details naturally from memory rather than read them from a list.

Record your Improvements

Consider the specific ways your performance has improved since your last review. Maybe you mastered a new skill or became a stronger leader. Bring up these points as you verify your contribution.

Address Anything Negative

Maybe you’ve been tardy several times, don’t get along with your co-workers or messed up on a project. Discuss this negative performance and details about what the experience taught you and how you’ll improve in the future. This proactive stance demonstrates your willingness to take responsibility for your actions and become a better employee.

Dress for Success

Wear a professional outfit for your review, and pay extra attention to your grooming. These details show that you value yourself, your review and your supervisor.

Look for Improvement Suggestions

Every review will include suggestions for future improvement. Whether you need to work on time management, reevaluate your duties or get more training, take the recommendations to heart so you can improve your performance over the next year.

Respond to a Bad Review

Despite your best preparation, you may hear negative feedback during your review. Decide ahead of time how you’ll respond. Ideally, plan to schedule another meeting in a few days so you have time to calm down and consider the feedback. Then prepare a list of ways you can improve on your performance or state facts that prove your boss’s review is unfair.

Your annual performance helps you become a better employee. Prepare for your review so it’s successful for you personally and for your future contribution to the company.
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