Tips That Optimize Your Website Performance And Maximize Holiday Sales

Your company’s website plays a significant role in your holiday sales every year. Please your customers and maximize your sales when you optimize your website in several ways.

Secure your Website

Smart customers will avoid your website if it’s unsecure or they have any suspicions that their personal or credit card information could be stolen. Switch to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) immediately if you haven’t done so already. As a bonus, you may achieve a higher rank and more exposure on Google since a website’s HTTPS status factors into the ranking algorithm. Contact your web hosting provider for more information.

Upgrade your Web Hosting

Customers shop online to save time. They’ll get frustrated and leave your website, though, if it’s slow or doesn’t perform properly. Consider upgrading to a dedicated server for better website performance and improved customer service and sales.

Optimize your Website

Customers expect web pages to load in under two seconds. Tweak your website’s structure and coding and optimize images to improve performance and speed. Your customers will notice faster page load times and a more seamless shopping experience, which encourages them to stay on the page longer. You can make these optimization tweaks yourself if you have the technical training to do so or invest in a good developer.

Improve your Customer Support Options

Give customers options to contact your company if they have a question or need other support. This step builds trust in your brand and could boosts sales. In addition to updating all your contact information on your website, you can implement live chats and click-to-call options for even faster customer service. Then ensure you have the staff and resources to follow through with each call, email and chat request.  

Load Promotion or Discount Codes

Although holiday sales in the U.S. are expected to top $1.1 trillion dollars this year, many of your customers still want a good deal. Attract more buyers with promotion or discount codes. Make sure these codes are visible on your website to prevent customers from leaving your site to perform a coupon code search. You could also add a dedicated page to your website with discount codes, promotions and sale items or use a pop-up button on the cart page to feature applicable discount codes.  

Purchase Cybersecurity Insurance

Give yourself and your customers peace of mind and build trust when you purchase a cybersecurity insurance policy. It can provide financial protection for your customers and your business if you do suffer a data breach over the holidays.  

This holiday season, grab your share of sales with an optimized website. Your efforts will please customers and maximize your holiday sales.
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