Ways an Eye Exam Improves Your Work Performance

If you haven't received your annual eye exam yet, make an appointment today. The results can improve your work performance in several ways.


Improve Vision


When you can't see clearly, you suffer from headaches and eye strain. Seeing the computer screen or small print becomes nearly impossible. An eye exam catches refractive errors like farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. If you have one of these errors, you'll receive a prescription for corrective lenses. With improved vision, you actually see better at work and accomplish more while making less mistakes every day.


Assess Your Vision Health


Even if you have no vision complaints, your eyes could be unhealthy. An eye exam assesses your vision health and catches several conditions.


*Focusing problems mean you can't see clearly when you look at something. You might dismiss this problem as tiredness, but it is a serious condition that affects your productivity.


*Strabismus is crossed or turned eyes. It creates depth perception problems and can lead to amblyopia.


*Amblyopia occurs when one eye is stronger and does all the work. This condition can cause permanent damage to the weaker eye, but an eye patch on the stronger eye ultimately protects your vision health.


*Binocular or eye teaming problems occur when your aligned eyes work independently instead of together. Headaches, trouble reading and eye strain are symptoms of this condition.


Detect Eye and Systemic Diseases


Various eye diseases affect your ability to see and could cause blindness and other long-term vision problems. At your annual eye exam, the optometrist or ophthalmologist will check every aspect of your eyes. He or she can detect cataracts and find glaucoma blood vessel leaks or observe macula swelling, two indicators of diabetes. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can also be detected during an

eye exam.


While vision screenings are helpful, schedule an annual eye exam. It catches problems before your productivity suffers, headaches force you to call off work or diseases cause disability. Even if your employee benefits don't include vision insurance, schedule an eye exam today. Your health and work performance depend on it.

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