How to Find Quality Hourly Employees

Up to 60 percent of the United States workforce is paid hourly. It can be challenging to find and retain reliable hourly workers, though. Plus, when your business loses an hourly employee, you also lose between 30 and 150 percent of that person's annual income, which is a big hit to your bottom line.

Discover a few tips that help you find and hire quality hourly employees for your business.
  1. Recruit employed workers. You certainly can focus your recruiting efforts on finding unemployed candidates, but don't exclude workers who may already have a job. They may be looking for a position that offers better flexibility, fulfillment or working conditions.

  2. Offer less hours. Most hourly employees prefer to work less than 30 hours per week. If you insist on hiring only workers who will work 40 or more hours per week, you exclude the majority of skilled hourly employees.

  3. Target the right demographic. In the past, hourly employees may have been teens or young people. Today, one-third of all hourly employees are between 25 and 44 years of age and slightly less than one-third are over 45 years old. If you only look to hire young workers, you miss the majority of applicants.

  4. Become a magnetic company. Your company's reputation, culture and benefits package plays a big role in attracting quality employees. Take action today if you need to improve this aspect of your business.

  5. Simplify the application process. Accepting applications during business hours only or requiring applicants to fill out a paper application reduces the number of candidates who may apply for the job. Set up a 24-hour hotline or online job application that allows applicants to apply when it's convenient for them. Remember to list your opening on as many online sites as possible, too, since most of today's applicants use the internet to find jobs.

  6. Actively recruit new employees every day. Instead of waiting until you have an opening and then hiring the first applicant who applies, recruit regularly. Your chances of finding a qualified employee increase with this strategy. You can take this step when you add a Join Us tab on your website.

  7. Use a hiring manager or firm. If you only occasionally hire employees, you may not be versed in current hiring practices. Delegate this responsibility to a hiring manager or hire a firm that works full-time in the field and understands the ins and outs of preparing applications, screening candidates and conducting interviews.
Your company can succeed thanks to hourly employees. Use these tips as you find and hire quality employees for your business.
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