How to Stay Safe When You Go Indoor Tanning

March is here, and it's a popular month to visit tropical locations or start planning your next getaway. To get a jump on your tan, you may schedule a few indoor tanning sessions. However, your risks of getting cancer increase when you use indoor tanning salons. Stay safe when you consider several tanning safety tips.

Take Melanoma Seriously

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City found that 54 percent of college students who tan don't see it as significantly risky. They argue that many things cause. No one's immune to cancer, though, and indoor tanning actually increases your chances of getting melanoma by 90 percent if you're under 35.

Melanoma is serious. Even a small amount that's roughly three grains of salt deep can spread to your lymph nodes and other organs. If that happens, your risk of dying from melanoma increases to 85 percent. Think about your future before you hit the tanning bed.

Protect Your Skin

Squamous and basal cell carcinomas are two common non-melanoma cancers. They don't spread as fast as melanoma, but they can create skin scars that last the rest of your life.

Indoor tanning also produces sun spots and wrinkles and can damage the retinas in your eyes. These effects of tanning do not disappear as you age but do continue to affect your appearance and health.

Resist Peer Pressure

Women especially have a huge need to focus on their appearance. Tanning can help you fit in with your peers and look attractive. Giving in to peer pressure can also kill you.

Use Exercise and Fashion to Change Your Appearance

Golden-brown skin hides cellulite bumps and can help you look thin. Toning exercises produce the same results, though, and don't include a cancer risk.

You can also wear clothing that complements your figure, shape and skin tone. Talk to your hairdresser, too, about the right hair style and accessories for you.

Understand the Addictive Risks of Tanning Beds

Even after being diagnosed with skin cancer, researchers find that some dermatology patients continue to visit the tanning salon. Those individuals try but are unable to cut back on their visits and avoid family, friends and hobbies to visit the tanning salon. Be aware of the addiction risk of tanning before you get started.

Despite the risks, you may still choose to tan. If so, use a reputable salon. The staff will evaluate your skin tone and recommend the right amount of tan time for you. Read the waiver, too. It outlines tanning risks.

Tanning is dangerous. Proceed with caution as you prepare for your next tropical vacation. For more safety tips, talk to your doctor.
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