1Using the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Crisis Management Plan Guidelines can go far to improve safety and security in your workplace. To make the most effective use of the guidelines, ASSE recommends taking these steps:
  • Reassure employees that safety measures are being taken for their protection.
  • Report unusual or suspicious activity or strangers in or near the facility to authorities; if immediate attention is warranted, call 911.
  • Urge employees and their families to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Increase security and surveillance activities and enhance outdoor lighting; check the IDs of everyone entering the building.
  • Update the company emergency response plan regularly and review it with employees. Make sure that all necessary contact names and numbers are correct and easily accessible.
  • Consider upgrading in-house emergency services capability to EMT or 40-hour First Responder.
  • Offer employees escorts to parking lots and public transportation.
  • Share your response plan with local municipalities and emergency response units.
  • Help employees get information during a crisis by making a news network available on breaks.

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