Seven Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Office

With summer temperatures rising, your office's air conditioner works overtime and still might not keep you cool enough. Instead of sweating the summer away or suffering from heat stroke, beat the heat with seven tips.

1. Close the Blinds

Warm sunshine brightens your office space, but it also makes the temperature rise. Close the blinds to keep your office comfortable all summer.

2. Turn on a Small Fan

The cool breeze refreshes you. It works even better if you put a small bowl of ice in front of the fan. Additionally, a small mist fan gently sprays you with refreshing and cooling water as needed.

3. Dress in Layers

You have to maintain a professional appearance when you're meeting with clients or your boss, but there's no rule that says you have to wear your suit jacket all day. Wear layers that allow you to shed clothes and remain modest and professional as you stay comfortable.

4. Wear Light Colors

Dark colors attract sunlight and heat. Light colors help you stay cool.

5. Freeze Your Jewelry

A cold ring, pearl necklace or gold bracelet helps you stay cool. Be sure to protect your fine jewelry, though, by placing it in a protective bag before you freeze it.

6. Use a Wet Compress

A wet washcloth can lower your body temperature when you place it on your wrists and neck. As an alternative to the moist sensation, use a flexible, soft ice pack or place a damp washcloth in a sealable plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator until you need to cool down.

7. Drink Ice Water

Cool, refreshing ice water keeps your body temperature low and helps you feel cooler. To vary this cooling beverage, toss in fresh or frozen fruit, mint leaves or other natural flavors.

Staying focused on work is impossible when you're hot. Try seven tips that help you stay cool and healthy all summer.

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