Five Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Office Environment

Healthy employees are more productive, happier and satisfied. They also reduce healthcare costs. To boost employee participation in healthy exercise, implement five tips at the office.

1. Build a Gym

Time and financial limitations are the two most common excuses people have for not exercising. Eliminate these excuses when you build a gym at the office. In addition to a full gym:

  • Set up treadmills in the break room.
  • Stock everyone's desk with a jump ropes, hand weights and resistance bands.
  • Offer yoga or zumba classes before and after work.
  • Set up exercise stations around the building where employees can do lunges, pull ups or stretches.

2. Utilize Standing Desks

Sitting down all day can cause obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular and circulation problems. Discourage sitting when you utilize standing desks. They have all the features of a regular desk except the chair.

3. Hold Exercise Meetings

Physical exercise improves creativity, reduces boredom and erases tension. Get everyone moving and boost meeting productivity when you set up treadmills or exercise bikes instead of a table, walk together up and down the stairs or walk outdoors around the property or to a nearby park.

4. Hand out Pedometers

For optimum health, everyone should walk 10,000 steps a day. Free pedometers can help your employees meet that goal. Additionally, allow departments to chart their daily mileage, and treat the department with the most steps to a free lunch once a month.

5. Offer Incentives

Most people willingly work hard if they have an incentive, so hold a contest. Challenge employees to earn points by working out for 30 minutes a day, biking to work or taking the stairs. When they meet exercise incentives, offer prizes like front row parking, free gift cards or a half day off work.

Exercising is physically and mentally beneficial for all of your employees. With five tips, add exercise every day and enjoy a healthier office environment.

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