Why Your Office Needs to Schedule a Blood Drive

January is National Blood Donor Month, and your entire office can join the celebration when you schedule a blood drive. Not only will you help your local blood bank, but your good deed provides numerous benefits for your entire company.


Save Lives


Chances are high that you, one of your coworkers or someone you know will one day need a blood transfusion. One pint of blood saves three lives, so donate blood this

January and be a hero.


Combat Blood Shortages


While every local blood bank needs are different, most communities face blood bank shortages. Everyone's donation combats shortage and meets a critical need.


Increase Awareness


Many people don't give blood because they don't realize there's a need, don't think about it or are too busy. Schedule a blood drive at your office to emphasize the importance of this small but powerful action.


Boost Morale


If you and your coworkers are feeling the winter doldrums, a blood drive offers a beneficial distraction. It's the perfect opportunity to boost morale, and it increases employee satisfaction, productivity and performance, too.


Improve Community Relations


People in the community appreciate local businesses that care. A blood drive goes a long way toward improving community relations.


Tips That Make Your Blood Drive a Success


Now that you've decided to host a company blood drive, consider a few tips that make it a success.


·         Contact your local Red Cross and set up a time and location for the blood drive.

·         Advertise the blood drive on all your office bulletin boards.

·         Invite customers, vendors and other people to schedule a donation appointment.

·         Build excitement by holding a raffle for donors or awarding prizes like discounted services or free products.

·         Encourage participants to drink plenty of water or fruit juice and to eat healthy, iron-rich foods during the 24 hours before their donation. These actions stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar levels while reducing dizziness.


Your office's blood drive does more than give you something to do this January. It celebrates National Blood Donor month and provides numerous benefits that build office morale, improve community relations and save lives.

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