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...Line Rating Garage Coverage Auto Service Centers, Auto Body, Used Car, Truck, Motorcycle &...eunions, etc Limits to $1,000,000 with unlimited aggregate Quotes within 24 hours
The Site Specific Program from EIA provides CGL and Environmental Impairment Liability and Site Specific Pollution Insurance. Covers both first party cleanup costs and third party bodily injury, property damage and cleanup caused by a pollution incident on or at an insured?s location. Protection from unknown historical contamination is also provided. This coverage is written on a claims made basis. Minimum premium: $2,500 for Site Specific Pollution Insurance.
...p., and umbrellas. We do not write autos, long-haul trucking or garage liabili... writing garage packages for the Automotive Service Industry for over 30 years. Our Independent Auto Dealers and Auto Service Center programs continue to be...00,000 CSL Hired & Non-owned auto Drive other car coverage ...
Cochrane & Company's Specialty Auto Insurance makes it easy for you to ins...ntact us today for all your Specialty Auto Insurance risks!
... Refrigerated loads Auto transporters Boat Haule...ance Coverage Features Include: Automobile liability coverage limits up ...
... General Contractors Glass dealers and glaziers Insulation work – m... Masonry Painting – Exterior (no spray painting), Interior Paperhanging P...