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The advantages of working with Pride Risk include: Lower upfront costs More predictable cash flow Unmatched focus on loss control Convenience of a committed partnership Securing Affordable Workers’ Comp Coverage Is Often Difficult in These Industries The Pride Risk program covers high-risk insureds in a wide range of industries. Some of the most common governing codes covered under this solution include: Manufacturing HVAC/ Sheet Metal Masonry Landscaping Electrical/ Plumbing/ Painting Food Processing Bakeries/ Hospitality Warehouse Operations Trucking/ Transportation Heavy Construction (In NY Artisan Construction Only – Request Acceptable Codes) Cold Storage Retail/ Wholesale Staffing (Excluded in NY) Seasonal Operations (Advised Upfront) Property Mgmt. Janitorial/ Residential Cleaning Exclusions: Towing USL&H Exposure Hazardous Material Handling Greater than 25% Use of Part-Time Labor Multiple Factors Affect the Cost of Workers’ Comp In addition to the governing codes listed above, the following factors are good indicators that a company might benefit from the Pride Risk workers’ comp solution. Experience Modifiers over 1.00 Cancelled / Non-Renewed Coverage / Gap in Coverage Large Losses / Poor Claims Experience Few or no options other than the State Insurance Fund Clients with these attributes often have trouble obtaining affordable coverage in the traditional insurance markets. But now, you can provide a solution. Typical criteria of a program candidate: Few to no options for coverage Experience Modifier over 1.0 Average Workers’ Compensation Rate of $8.00 and above Minimum premium varies by State & Industry If your prospect meets the above criteria and you can furnish the following required documentation, then we can provide you a quote through one of our appointed MBA’s. The following is required for a complete submission: Acord 130 Complete Description of Operations 5 Years Loss Runs (fully valued) Screen Shot or Copy of X-Mod Industry Specific Supplemental Target Premium Rate Quotes: Non-Binding Rate Indications: 1 - 2 business days Approvals: 3 - 7 business days Required to Bind Coverage: Signed Acord 130, Request to Bind including Signed Proposal, Signed Supplemental, $1,000 Policy Fee, No Loss Letter (if Applicable) Contact Pride Risk today if you are interested in accessing the program through one of its many MBA’s. If you are a large wholesaler, MGA/MGU and can meet certain performance expectations please contact Pride Risk today to inquire about getting appointed.
COMMERCIAL AUTOMOBILE If your direct markets can't help give us a try.. A XII Best's Rated Carrier TARGET CLASSIFICATIONS Non Emergency Ambulette Limousine Other Healthcare Vehicles Airport Shuttle Dump Trucks Flatbed Haulers Refuse Haulers Mix-in Transit Moving & Storage Sand & Gravel Haulers Dyr Van Fleets Oversized Loads/Special Riggers Stand Alone Auto Physical Damage (Non-Admitted) Motor Truck Cargo And More... LIMITS AVAILABLE Primary - Up to $1,000,000 CSL ($2mil on select accounts) Vehicle Physical Damage Limits up to $25,000,000 Motor Truck Cargo - Limits determined per type of cargo hauled No maximum size restrictions Minimum fleet size for this program is 10 units but we have additional markets who will consider smaller accounts down to 1 unit and new ventures. Competitive commissions Acord applications are acceptable. All new submissions can be e-mailed to : or Fax number for new submissions - (516)799-8602 LET CMS PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Century Insurance Group is a specialty Surplus Lines Insurer writing Commercial Property/Casualty Insurance for niche markets. Founded in 1978. Sinclair-Dwyer offers the following classes of business through Century Surety Insurance: Apartments Auto Dismantlers Bakeries Barber Shops/Beauty Salons Bars and Taverns Bazaars Bed and Breakfast Billiard or Pool Halls Bingo Halls Car Washes Condominiums Convenience Stores (with/without gas pumps) Day Care Centers Garage Liability Health Clubs Homeowners Associations Hotels Hunting Clubs Janitorial Services (NO Handyman) Laundromats Nightclubs Pawnshops Recycling Centers Resorts Restaurants Retail Stores Security Guards Strip Centers Tanning Salons Vacant Land Video Stores Warehouses (Mini).
IPMG has been a leader in writing Workers Compensation Insurance for over 15 years. We bring you the Workers Compensation expertise and service you have been looking for. WITH EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AVAILABLE TO YOUR CLIENTS AND VARIOUS MARKETS FOR BEST AVAILABLE PRICING, IPMG IS YOUR WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE PARTNER. Capabilities to write most classes of business including: Contractors, Health Care, Manufacturing, Dealerships and Trucking Same day quotes available with complete submission on many classes of business Accord application with description of operations 3-5 Years of Currently Valued Loss Runs Current Experience Modification rating (if applicable) A-Rated carriers Premiums from $500 to over $1M Monthly reporting available Competitive commissions Additional Risk Management Services available Markets for high experience modifications Wide variety of Eligible class codes can be quoted CONTACT IPMG TODAY AND FIND THE BEST FIT AT THE MOST COMPETITIVE PREMIUM FOR YOUR CLIENT.
The retail industry encompasses a wide range of businesses from grocers and hardware stores, to gas stations and laundromats. Don R. Jensen & Company writes retail industry workers compensation insurance that will give your clients first rate coverage at an accessible price. Our retail industry workers compensation insurance premiums start at just $2,000. The following represent a small sample of the accounts for which we can provide retail industry workers compensation insurance. Grocery Stores Wholesale Stores Gas Stations Laundromats Hardware Stores Tanning Salons Florists Car Washes Barber Shops Submission Requirements Completed Acord Application 3 Years Loss Runs (currently valued) Experience Mod Worksheet Please send all submissions to For more information about Don R. Jensen & Company and our coverage options for retail industry workers’ compensation insurance visit building codes compliance Automatic sprinkler leakage Debris remova...