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The Future Of Commercial Lines For The Independent AgencyCommercial producers could wake up represen...
The "Mother-Child" Commercial Lines Sale
THE 'MOTHER-CHILD' COMMERCIAL LINES SALE by Alan L. Shulman, CPCU When you attempt to sell Commercial Lines, you can project yourself as ... specific insurance company. Your Commercial Lines marketing and sales efforts will b...
...ucture Personal Lines And Small Commercial Lines To Increase Profits
In ...function in the Business and Personal Lines department so that CSRs will be in...
Commercial Lines Deregulation: E&O Friendly?
COMMERCIAL LINES DEREGULATION: E&O FRIENDLY? ... Overall, I strongly believe that Commercial Lines deregulation is a good thing if st...
Lead Forms For Commercial Lines
Just as the Personal Lines...__ Action Step: Use this form with Commercial Lines clients to develop Life leads.
Discovering New Niche Programs In Commercial Lines
Niche programs in Commercial Lines are an outgrowth of the Prope...s exists for new niche programs in Commercial Lines insurance. It's up to your agency ...
Commercial Lines Insurance Checklist
Use th... Commercial General Liability ...