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How to get discounts and/or reduce your auto insurance bill? At Bestwayusa Inc - USA Auto Auctions Sales, New, Used and Salvage, our agents are always trying to help our clients get more value and better deals on their auto insurance and frankly, any insurance policies they write through us. Some key methods to reducing your insurance bills are – Bundle insurance policies. Good driver discounts Improve your credit score. Get a car that has a higher safety rating Don’t make insurance claims unless you absolutely have to. Why use a local insurance agent for your insurance? We have found that every client is unique and requires a certain level of customization, education and forward planning to set up the client for the best-case situation as it relates to risk management. And insurance policies are essentially that – risk management. A local insurance agent knows the particular laws, rules and regulations that pertain to that geographic location. Most agencies know very little about far away regions even in the same state – local environments vary. For our part we are far more knowledgeable about insuring clients and insurance policy regulations in a 100 mile radius of the Brooklyn, NY area than let’s say 200 miles away. You can meet our local insurance agents face to face if needed, and work through any particular problems you need help with. An insurance agent/broker can help you with the correct paperwork, explain the coverages that suit you best and help with the claim process. How to pay for your auto insurance policy? The policy normally is valid for 6 months, and renews every six months, although some policies are annual. You can change auto insurance at any time and get a pro-rated refund if due. Most carriers will give you multiple payment options – Monthly auto debit from your bank account. Pay by mail/check (includes a service fee) Quarterly or bi-monthly payments.