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Policy Highlights: Colonial General can provide your salvage yard business with the coverage it needs. Our Commercial Garage department has a vast array of coverage solutions as well as an experienced staff that will ensure you have access to the coverages you need! Call us today for a quote! Commercial Garage Coverage available: • $3,000,000 Liability AGG • $5,000 Medical Payments • Broadened Coverage • Dealers Physical Damage • False Pretense Coverage • Fire Legal Liability • Garage Keepers Coverage on a Primary basis with specified causes of loss • Garage Liability Limits up to $1,000,000 for each accident • In-Transit Coverage for Towing Operations • "AS IS" Auto Sales are acceptable • Yard or Impound Lot must be fully fenced and gated • Property Coverage Available
Looking for a market for Arizona used car dealer. Many vehicles are purchased from auction or other dealers and have salvage titles. Insured does some minor body/service work and turns them around. He also occasionally does body work on vehicles he does not own. Current carrier is cancelling due to non-compliance with recommendations. Insured says he has taken care of all clean-up and housekeeping issues but is not getting good communication from current carrier. Current policy expires soon and I highly doubt we will have loss runs prior to needing coverage. Thanks!!
I have a client who operates a salvage operation who is in need of a Work Comp market that will put an all states endorsement on part 3 of the workers comp policy. My client is based in Virginia and they travel with their Virginia employees to various states extracting items from old homes, old businesses, old churches, etc. to reclaim and resell in their retail store. The governing class is 5705, Salvage Operation. The client has been insured continuously with a favorable claims experience but their current insurer will only add the states of MD, WV, NC and TN to part 3. We are not interested in a PEO. Premium size 15k plus.
PMC Insurance Group's Waste Hauler program is focused on both small and large waste haulers. For the larger waste haulers, PMC provides underwriting expertise, risk management consulting services and creative product solutions. Target/Classes/Operations: Commercial Residential Accounts (Automated Pick Up only) Construction Waste Recycling/Salvage Junk Removal Program Parameters Minimum Premium Starting at $5,000 Minimum of 3 years experience Guaranteed Cost Loss Sensitive Deductible Programs for Larger Accounts Admitted A Rated Carriers
Cochrane & Company is now offering a brand NEW Admitted Dealer & Repair Insurance Program! Offered to you by an AM Best Rating A company, those risks in need of a tune up are guaranteed to be covered! The admitted program provides coverage for garage risks that sell service or repair a wide variety of vehicle types: dealers, mobile repair or service operations. Dealer & Repair Insurance Program Details: $1,000,000 per occurrence with $3,000,000 aggregate limits Garagekeepers available limits Heavy trucks and tractors: $150,000 per unit, $500,000 aggregate Any combination of autos: $500,000 aggregate Legal Liability and Direct Primary coverage available Maximum deductible for loss in any one occurrence: $5,000 New ventures operations are acceptable Property Coverage: building, contents & business income Sign Coverage Glass Coverage Auto Dealers Errors & Omissions Liability available Most vehicles that are used in the business are eligible to be scheduled Ability to include General Liability related operations: Part Sales, Lessor's Risk, Mini Marts, etc. Dealer & Repair Insurance Program classes of business include: Arizona Auto Dismantling/Salvage Yards Auto Maintenance & Repair Auto Paint & Body Shops Boat Engine Repair (on land) Bus sales/Repair Detailer Emergency Vehicle Sales/Repair Heavy Truck Dealer/Repair Mobile Auto Repair Motorcycle Dealer/Repair Non-Franchised Auto Dealers RV & Trailer Dealers/Repair Valet Parking California Auto Maintenance & Repair Auto Paint & Body Shops Detailer Heavy Truck Dealer/Repair Mobile Auto Repair Non-Franchised Auto Dealers RV & Trailer Dealer/Repair Required Information: Completed Garage Application Completed Heavy/Vehicle Equipment Service or Tow Operator Questionnaire Details of owner & mechanics experience Details of building or lot security Motorcycle/Off Road Supplement For more information regarding our NEW Admitted Dealer & Repair Insurance Program, please contact us! We look forward to your business!
Insurance for Waste Management The Workers' Compensation Specialties Unit is a dedicated Work Comp unit specializing in hard-to-place classes with direct access to A. M. Best "A-" or better rated markets with competitive commissions and payment plan options. The WC Specialties Unit offers a market for Waste Management. Highlights A. M. Best “A” Rated Carrier Direct access to Carrier Programs, Rating and Pricing Competitive Commissions Target Classes Eligible Class Codes for Waste Management include: - 9403 (995 - PA) – Garbage or Refuse Dumps - 8263 (860 - PA) – Junk Dealer - 8500 (859 - PA) - Metal Scrap Dealer Ineligible Risks Medical Waste Haulers Hazardous Waste Haulers Risks below Manual Premium New Ventures Submission Requirements Completed ACORD 130 Application Experience Modification Worksheet Hard Copy Loss Runs for Current Year and 2 Prior Years All Risks, Ltd. Supplemental Application
...ons – Repair, Towing, Servicing, Salvaging & Valet Parking • Non-Franchise...
Occurrence or Claims Made Form Nose Coverage and Prior Acts Available Annual & Per Project Policies Defense Costs can be in addition to or included in the policy limits Mold coverage is available (if requested) for most types of contractors Examples of Eligible Classes: Asbestos Abatement Boiler Inspection / Installations Concrete Construction Debris Removal Demolition Dredging Drillers (Not Oil & Gas) Electrical Excavation / Grading of Land Fencing General Contracting Hazardous Materials Heating, Ventilation & AC Industrial Maintenance Insulation / Fire Proofing Landscapers Lead Abatement Liquid Waste Masonry Mechanical Construction Metal Extraction Mold Remediation Painters Paving Pile Driving Plumbing Restoration Rigging Roofing Salvage Operations Sewer & Water Main Soil Remediation Street & Road Maint. Tunneling UST / AST Utility Waste Water Welders And Many More !!!! Standard Limits: Base limits up to $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $1,000,000 policy aggregate are available (lower limits also available). Limits up to $5,000,000 are available on both an annual or per job basis. Minimum Deductible: Deductibles start at $2,500 Minimum Premium: Starting at $2,000 excluding mold and $4,000 and up including mold. * This is a brief outline only. Occurrence form CPL and/or CGL is not available for some exposures/risks. Mold coverage extension is not offered for all risks. Security and coverage availability will vary depending on exposure, risk factors & location. The minimum premium is the base for the smallest eligible risk. Taxes and Fees are in addition to premium. Prior Acts (retroactive) coverage requires proof of comparable continuous claims made coverage and is subject to underwriting approval. Some risks may be offered limited retroactive coverage or in some cases no retroactive coverage.
We can help you with your Scrap Metal Dealers Insurance for a variety of states. Depending on the state we have a few markets that can be approached. Please review the below for our Scrap Metal Dealers Insurance program. Same day quotes available with complete submissions needing the below information Accord application with description of operations 3-4 Years of Currently Valued Loss Runs Current Experience Modification rating (if applicable) A-Rated carriers for Scrap Metal Dealers Insurance Minimum premium from $5,000 Markets for high experience modifications