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Dear (Customer Name),

We have enjoyed the privilege of handling your Auto insurance and wanted to write about why we hope you'll consider using our agency for your Homeowners coverage as well.

As you probably already know, we are one of the largest and most experienced insurance agencies in our area. More importantly, we work hard to deliver the very best available insurance products to our customers.

Size isn't everything! We believe in very personalized handling of each of our personal insurance accounts. So we developed a unique department of specialists devoted solely to handling the personal insurance needs of our clients.

Here are some of the special features that come into play when you place your Homeowners coverage with our Personal Account Department:

1. The Personal Touch: You have your own personal account representative who is responsible for updating your coverages and making any changes to your policy. We realize that you probably don't have the time (or, for that matter, the inclination!) to pore over the fine print of your policies. Let us do that for you.

2. The Best in Claims Handling: If you do ever have a claim, we'll work with you and your insurance company to assure a prompt and fair settlement. In fact, in many cases, we have the authority to pay claims on behalf of our companies.

3. The Mercedes-Benz of Insurance Companies: You have our assurance that we will find you the best insurance company for your unique needs. This is because we make a point of representing companies who specialize in covering business executives and who can offer the finest in policy terms, cost, and service.

4. A Professional Appraisal Service For Free: You will be totally confident that you are carrying exactly the right amount of insurance on your home and your possessions. As part of our introductory service, we do a thorough appraisal of the value of your home.

5. Special Policy Features That Mean No Quibbling When It Comes to Claims:

This can include:

  • 'All Risk' coverage rather than a limited number of 'named perils'
  • Guaranteed replacement cost on your personal property
  • Guaranteed rebuild of your home even if you don't have that much coverage ... and much more

Please take a minute to fill out the enclosed form with the expiration date on your current Homeowners policy.

That way, Norm, I'll be sure to contact you 60 days prior to your renewal (at the time of the day you specify as most convenient). We will then give you a competitive quote and discuss how we might work with you to get you the best Homeowners coverage in town.


(Your Name)




Yes, I am interested in a quote on my Homeowners insurance.

(Customer Name)

Please contact me (check one below):

_____ When my Homeowners insurance expires on ___/___/___

_____ Immediately

My home/business (please circle one) phone number is:____________________

The best time for you to call me is in the a.m./p.m. (please circle one) at _______ o'clock

Please return this form in the enclosed envelope to:

(Your Name)

(Your Address)

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