Sample Telemarketing Scripts


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The following are several telephone scripts* to use for sales-related duties such as x-dating, lead-generation, and qualification.

These scripts are examples of standard methods of information gathering, from specific policy calls to approaching prospects you've suspended after a no-sale.

Use these as they are written, or better yet, use them as a boiler plate to set up personal scripts that reflect the style and products your agency has to offer.

* National Marketing Services is the source for much of the telemarketing script information.

Homeowners/Auto Insurance Telemarketing Script


This is (NAME) from (ABC AGENCY).

(PRODUCER NAME) looks after your Commercial business, and he/she has asked me to contact you regarding your Personal and Home insurance.

Do you have a minute to discuss this now?

We would like an opportunity to give you a quote on your insurance the next time it renews.

Rather than take up your time today, I'll give you a call a month prior to renewal date to obtain current information and provide you with a quote.

Thank you for your time.



When would be a convenient time to call back?


We can offer a monthly payment plan to spread the premium over a year.


If you will give me the x-date now, I'll be glad to provide you with a comparison quote when your insurance expires.


(Terminate the call pleasantly.)


I appreciate your time.

Please call us.

Would you agree that no agent has the corner on markets?

I can appreciate that.

I can understand that.


X-Date Follow-Up Telemarketing Script

CSR: Hello, may I please speak with (PROSPECT NAME)?

PROSPECT: Speaking.

CSR: (PROSPECT NAME), you may remember that we talked briefly about your insurance plans in (MONTH). At that time, I promised that I would contact you 30 days in advance of your renewal. You indicated your (TYPE) coverage expires on (DATE).

The purpose of my call today is to ask you some questions about your present policy so I may provide you with a coverage and price comparison.

(Go into quote comparisons.)


Workers Compensation Insurance Telemarketing Script

CSR: Hello, (PROSPECT NAME). I'm (NAME), with (ABC AGENCY).(PRODUCER NAME), who works with you on your Commercial insurance program, has asked me to call you today to tell you about our Workers Compensation program.

Do you have a few minutes to discuss this?

PROSPECT: Well, I have a meeting in five minutes.

CSR: This will only take two minutes, at the most.


CSR: We would like to take a look at your current Workers Compensation program. As you know, (ABC AGENCY) takes care of your Property and Liability coverages, and we have found that our customers prefer to have all their coverages with one agency. You're less likely to have coverage gaps or overlaps when just one agency is looking.

I don't want to take a lot of your time right now. Do you know when your current Workers Compensation policy expires?

PROSPECT: In June, I think.

CSR: Thank you. I will be contacting you two months in advance, in April, to set up an appointment between you and (PRODUCER NAME). Thank you so much for your time.


Obtaining X-Dates From Prospects Telemarketing Script

Producer: Hello (PROSPECT NAME), this is (PRODUCER NAME) from the (ABC AGENCY). Do you have a moment? I'm just calling to find out when your present Business insurance expires, so that we could see if you would be interested in hearing from (ABC AGENCY) at that time.

Do you know when your present policy expires? Fine - well, if it would be okay with you, I'd like to call you back when that policy is up for renewal. Many business owners have found that our Business coverage is highly competitive. Would it be all right if I contacted you in, say, three months to offer you a review of your Business coverage? Great - thank you, (PROSPECT NAME). I'll be in touch at that time.

So that I can be ready to talk to you, may I ask two more quick questions? (PROSPECT NAME), about how many employees work at your company? Uh huh. And approximately what is your annual sales volume? Okay - that's all I need to know. Thank you, (PROSPECT NAME). I look forward to speaking with you in (MONTH).

Obtaining X-Dates and Qualifying Prospects Telemarketing Script

Producer: Maybe you can help me. Who is the person responsible for your Business insurance?


May I speak to (PROSPECT NAME)?


Hello, (PROSPECT NAME), my name is (PRODUCER NAME) and I am calling on behalf of (ABC AGENCY) to see if you would be interested in a comparative proposal for your Business insurance when it comes up for renewal?


If there was one thing about your insurance program other than price that you could change, what would it be?

If there is something I could do for you to become your biggest supplier of insurance, what would that be?

And assuming we can meet your insurance needs, (PROSPECT NAME), is there any reason why you would not make a change?



Great! Would you mind telling me a little about your company so that I can provide you with the best service we have to offer?

When does your policy come up for renewal?

Is that for your Property Liability and Auto?

Who is the present insurance carrier?

What agency did you go through to get your insurance?

How long have you been with them?

Does your Workers Compensation expire then also?

What company writes your Workers Compensation?

How many employees are covered under your Workers Comp?

Are they all at this location?

(If not, how many locations do you have?)

Are you still located at ?(Verify address.)

Do you still manufacture or specialize in ?

(Verify the industry and/or the nature of the business.)

How many company vehicles need insurance?

Based on all this, (PROSPECT NAME), what would you estimate your total annual premiums? ___________________ (If not sure, throw a figure out and ask if it would be higher or lower.)

Okay great! We will be sending you more information about our agency and will follow up in 90 days prior to your renewal date for an appointment. Thanks for all your help.


Setting Appointments With Qualified Prospects - Option 2 Telemarketing Script

Producer: Hello (PROSPECT NAME), my name is (NAME). I am with (ABC AGENCY) insurance. Several months ago we spoke briefly in reference to your Business insurance. You had expressed an interest in looking into getting some competitive proposals on your current policies.

Our records indicate that your policy is coming up for renewal in (MONTH).

Our representative is going to be in the area next week. Would Tuesday or Wednesday be a good day for you to meet with our representative?


Great! Now, is morning or afternoon better for you?


He/she will be contacting you 24 hours prior to appointment just to make sure everything is OK.

We are looking forward to meeting with you. Thanks.


Cross-Selling To Clients Telemarketing Script

Producer: Hi, (CLIENT NAME), this is (NAME) from (ABC AGENCY). How are you today? The reason I called is because when (ABC AGENCY) began handling your Business Package policy back in (MONTH), you mentioned that your Group Health insurance was coming up for renewal in (MONTH), and that you'd like us to review your present coverage.

Well, since that's right around the corner, I'd like to okay a time to take a look at that for you, (CLIENT NAME). How does next week look? Okay, Wednesday . . . how about in the afternoon, say around 2 p.m.? Great! We've got a full financial services department here at (ABC AGENCY), so I'll take a look at what you've got and outline a number of options we could provide. Thanks, (CLIENT NAME) - I look forward to getting together.

Approaching The Client After No Sale Telemarketing Script

Producer: Hello, (PROSPECT NAME), this is (PRODUCER NAME) from (ABC AGENCY). I enjoyed meeting with you in (MONTH), and I was really sorry we couldn't help with your Business insurance program. You seemed very happy with your present program - if I may ask, how have things gone this year?

Well, (PROSPECT NAME), since a lot can change in a year, including our carrier's coverage options and policy pricing structure, and your claims history and coverage needs, I was hoping you might give us a chance to look over your account again and see if we could offer you an alternative to your present program.

It sure couldn't hurt to check out the competition, (PROSPECT NAME). How does next week look? Are mornings or afternoons better for you? How about Tuesday or Wednesday? Fine. Wednesday at 9 a.m. - I look forward to it, (PROSPECT NAME).

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