10-Step Referral Prospecting System


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You can create a steady flow of high-quality clients through the referrals you'll gain using my 10-Step Referral Prospecting System.

  1. Plant referral seeds. Let your prospects know you want to help their friends, colleagues, and family members by using such phrases as 'Don't keep me a secret' and 'I'm never too busy to bring this valuable process to your friends, family members, and colleagues.' You also plant seeds by giving referrals connecting people!
  2. Ask at the right time. Ask for referrals when value has been given and value has been recognized. Get into the habit of ending each of your meetings with a value-seeking question.
  3. Ask in the right way. Our trademarked method for asking includes these four important steps:
    1. Discuss the value the client has received.
    2. Treat the request with importance.
    3. Get permission to brainstorm.
    4. Suggest names and categories.
It's been our experience that when you leave out one of the steps, your request is less effective.
  1. Deal with referral objections. Discover the objection behind the objection. For the most part, people are concerned about how others will react to the referral. Craft a method of introduction tha'tll be comfortable for everyone involved.
  2. Learn as much as you can about the new prospect. Don't just settle for a name and phone number.
  3. Keep referrals names. Record this crucial information in a book specifically for that purpose.
  4. Warm up your new prospect. Your client might want to call the prospect or send them an e-mail. This kind of introduction can be very effective -- just make sure that it happens.
  5. Call all referral prospects right away. If you delay or don't even call at all, you'll burn your referral bridge with your client and weaken the relationship. They want to help you or a friend, so follow through.
  6. Keep your referral source in the loop. Make sure they know you've followed up on their help.
  7. Celebrate referrals. Thank your referral source with a note and a very small gift, and get your new client to thank your old client. This makes you even more referable.

You must take a systematic approach to referrals, or you'll continue to miss a ton of opportunities to help people -- and get paid well for it.

Bill Cates, America's Referral Coach, is the author of Get More Referrals Now! and the creator of the Unlimited Referrals ® Marketing System. He can be reached at Referral Coach International, 7901 Sandy Spring Road, S102, Laurel , MD 20707, phone (301) 497-2200, toll-free (800) 488-5464, fax (301) 497-2228, e-mail[email protected], or Web site www.referralcoach.com.
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