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The Mobile X-Ray Coverage You Need!

Rolland Wiegers Rolland Wiegers , 10/26/2016
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The demand for imaging services have shown to grow and increase at an 8% rate every year. Patients rely on these imaging services for:
• MRIs                                   
• X-Rays
• Ultrasounds
• Mammograms
• PETs
The imaging service is a way for patients and doctors to see what is going on inside the human body. Whether if it’s an ultrasound being done for a woman who is pregnant and the doctor is checking to see that the baby is growing healthy; or an MRI is being done to determine if there is damage to a person’s spinal cord after a car accident.

This is a technology that is used on a daily basis and is relied upon for life and health!

Therefore the imaging center or doctor’s office that uses this technology is at a high risk and held liable is something went wrong. The real risk comes in when it is a mobile X-Ray Imaging service. In some cases patients are not able to travel to the doctor’s office or imaging center.

Mobile X-Ray Imaging solves a medical service problem for nursing homes; adult assisted living environments, correctional institutions, and rehab hospitals, home bound patients and surgical centers. With the travel that is involved, the need for a good insurance policy is crucial!

Colonial General can provide an insurance policy that offers the coverage needed and is available in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV, NM, UT and WY.

To learn more about the overage we can provide, please send us an email or view our Mobile X-ray and Imaging Insurance storefront.