Why And How To Host A Blood Donor Month Event

January is National Blood Donor Month. To support employee wellness and your community, your company can get involved by hosting an event.

Why Host a Blood Donor Month Event

The need for blood donations across the country is often high in the wintertime due to an increase in illnesses and accidents and a decrease in blood drives. In addition to boosting your local blood supply, consider hosting an event during Blood Donor Month to:

  • Earn recognition as a community leader.
  • Attract customers who appreciate supporting businesses that prioritize charitable giving.
  • Empower and energize employees to give back.
  • Build teamwork within your company as employees work together to host a blood drive.
  • Promote leadership skills among the employees who organize the event.  
  • Support your brand values.
Different Types of Blood Donor Month Events

Your company can host one or more events during Blood Donor Month.
  • Host a blood drive at your location.
  • Partner with other local businesses to host a blood drive.
  • Offer a discount to blood drive participants.
  • Donate snacks for an upcoming blood drive.
  • Raise money for the Red Cross through a bake sale, variety show or formal dinner.
  • Contact past blood donors to thank them for their service.
How to Host a Blood Drive

If your company decides to host a blood drive, you’ll work with your local Red Cross chapter. In general, you’ll follow these tips.
  • Choose a location. An on-site conference room or lunch room can serve as the blood drive location, or ask the Red Cross to bring a mobile bus.
  • Set a date, preferably during the evening or weekend when donors are typically available. Also, keep in mind that you will need a few weeks of planning to host a successful event.
  • Become educated about what happens during a blood drive and how the donated blood is used. Use your education to encourage potential donors to participate.
  • Advertise the event. Utilize your company’s website, social media pages and newsletter, local newspaper ads, and display signs.
  • Sign up donors. Successful blood drives often require a minimum of 20 donors. Ask employees to contact customers or other potential donors and set up appointments.
  • Provide snacks and beverages for donors whose blood sugar drops after their donation.
  • Schedule helpers for the event. Ask employees to sign up to register donors, replenish snacks or write thank you cards.
This January, your company can host a Blood Donor Month event. For more information, contact the American Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS. Talk to your commercial insurance agent, too, to ensure you have adequate liability coverage for the duration of your event.
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