Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap)

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) pays some of your costs under Medicare and for some care that Medicare doesn't cover.

Beyond Medicare

Medicare is federal Health insurance for eligible participants 65 or over, or who have certain disabilities. Medicare Part A pays a portion of your expenses for inpatient hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, hospice or home health care, and necessary blood transfusions. Part B covers doctors' services, outpatient hospital care, and other medical services.

Both Parts require you to pay a deductible before Medicare kicks in, and to make “coinsurance” payments for part of your hospital or medical expenses.

Medicare Supplements are health insurance policies sold by private insurance companies to fill “gaps” in coverage of the Original Medicare Plan. While Medicare has been of tremendous benefit to millions of older Americans since its inception in 1965, there are gaps in both Medicare Part A and Part B coverage that can impose a substantial financial burden. What Medicare does not pay is your personal financial responsibility. That is why you should consider a Medicare Supplement plan from us.

Medigap Benefits

Plan A, the most basic Medigap plan, covers a variety of Medicare co-payments for hospital and medical care. The other nine plans offer all the coverages under Plan A, plus a wide range of other benefits, including:

Medicare Part B Excess Charges: 80% to 100% of charges above Medicare reimbursements for doctors who don't accept this reimbursement as payment in full.

Prescription Drugs: Because Medicare generally doesn't cover prescription drugs taken outside of a hospital, Medigap pays a percentage of prescription charges up to a fixed amount a year, after a deductible.

Blood: All Medigap Plans pay for the first three pints of blood you need a year (Medicare generally covers 80% of the rest, less deductible).

Skilled Nursing Home Costs: Medigap can help cover the costs that Medicare doesn't.

At-Home Recovery: provides limited payment for home-based unskilled assistance not covered under Medicare.

Preventive Care: Covers a limited amount of the cost of routine yearly checkups.
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