Turnkey Insurance Newsletters For Your Clients!

9 Titles. 1000's of Articles. Social Media Friendly. 100% consumer focused!
Content is KING!

✓  9 Newsletter Titles
✓  Updated monthly, automatically!
✓  Use the content any way you like!
Awesome Features

✓  Simple custimization of articles
✓  Branded with your contact information
✓  Capture leads and review analytics
Easy Integration

✓  Automatic posting Social Sites
✓  Email to your clients & prospects!
✓  Paste the HTML onto your website.

How Agencies Are Leveraging The Newsletters

✓     Customize your own newsletters by swapping out articles more relevant to your agency.

✓     Email, Print, Social Media - no limit to how to use the content. No more writing client facing content.

✓     Each Producer and CSR in the agency can share select articles through their own social media accounts.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"The Online Newsletters play a key role in out commitment to proactive client service. We're using the electronic communication features to ride the demographic tide of the 'e-generation.' The Newsletters offer something for everybody -- your agency, your clients, and your prospects."

Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC President, The Bradshaw Agency, Stillwater, OK
"Our response from the Newsletters has been great. A number of agents have called to ask where we get them. Clients have also e-mailed articles back to us with their comments."

Jonathan Theders, Rick Theders, Clark-Theders Insurance Agency, Cincinnati, OH
"I'd recommend that agents use the Online Newsletters to stress both their professionalism and the benefits of this service as a continually updated information resource so that readers will keep returning to the agency's web site."

Brian Hayer, President, Warner & Company, Fargo, ND