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...ase cleaning, halon, foam) • Fire Alarms starting at $ 1,000 Target Classes ...t the needs of your clients and their Fire Protection Contractors Insurance needs. Please give us a call or send us an email for immediate assistance!
...ire department communication [ ] Alarm system appropriate and tested regularly [ ] Fire doors operating [ ] Automatic sprinkler system maintained [ ] Fire extinguishers accessible [ ] Extingu...excessive internal pressure caused by fire exposure? [ ] Are spare portable or butane tanks which are used by industrial trucks stored in accord with regulations? Excerpted with permission from Safety Information Currents, volume IV, number 4,...
...urance Solutions has worked in the Fire Protection Contractors insurance indus...iness. What we have learned about the fire protection industry is that it is very specialized and requires an expertise to really understand this trade. As a company we focused our efforts on working hand in hand with the agents and their insureds as well as being act...