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Featured Markets!

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 11/28/2016
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Here are some featured markets we thought you might be interested in taking advantage of:

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Professional Liability Insurance
States Available: National
Program Features:
Here at Alexander J. Wayne and Associates we maintain strong relationships with our markets and underwriters. This allows us the opportunities to have quotes turned around quicker, greater flexibility in premium pricing, and the ability to tailor policies to our customer’s needs. Call AJ Wayne today and ask how we can help you with your standard and difficult to place Professional Liability Insurance.

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Wood Products
States Available: National
Program Features:
Any of your clients that are involved in the manufacturing of wood products and the wholesale and retail distribution of hardware, lumber, and building materials are qualified for our Wood Products program.

Target Classes:
Cabinet Manufacturers
Saw Mills
Pallet Manufacturers
Hardwood Dimensional Lumber (floor)
Planning Mills
Wood Preservers
Hardware Stores
Truss Manufacturers
Plywood Manufacturer
Rental Equipment Dealers
Wood product manufacturers NOC
Building Material Dealers and Distributors

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Construction Program for the Empire State
States Available: New York
Program Features:
Over 100 Classes of Construction Including the Tough Classes, such as *General Contractors, Roofers, Etc.

Product Highlights

Condo, Townhouse, Co-op Work OK
A-IX Carrier [ NOT AN RRG ]
Minimum Premium $3,500
General Contractor Maximum Subcontracted Percentage 50%
Limits Up To 2/2/2
Residential and Commercial

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Auto Rental Fleet
States Available: National (Excluding: Massachusetts and New York)
Program Features:
GMI has been writing the most difficult and hard to place classes for Auto Rentals Fleets across the United States for over 30 years. Over the years our clients have come to trust us and the services we provide year after year. Our Auto Rental Fleet program is available to all independent operators, franchisees, and operations affiliated with dealerships, body shops, repair shops or self-storage facilities.

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Social Services Insurance
States Available: National (Excluding: Hawaii and Louisiana)
Program Features:
This is where NIF’s Social Services Insurance program comes into hand; not only does our program provide many coverages and the ability the customize your clients policy; but your client’s policy can be flexible enough to provide coverage for the volunteers, medical professionals, independent contractors etc. who want to work with your organization.

Coverage and Program Features:

Crime Insurance
Umbrella Insurance
Machinery and Boiler Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance
Health Care Liability
Auto Insurance
General liability
Property Insurance

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Investor REO Rental Insurance Program
States Available: National
Program Features:
Specialty Property and Liability Insurance for Residential Rental Properties PFI's Investor/REO Rental Program provides property and liability coverage for residential rental properties held by financial institutions, property investors, REITS and other real estate capital companies. The Investor/REO Rental Program is written as a master policy to reduce risk exposure, streamline administration and eliminate individual property underwriting.

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Fire Protection Insurance
States Available: National (Excluding: New York)
Program Features:
Suppression Pro will provide you with a quick turnaround for quotes and looks for ways to meet the needs of your clients and their Fire Protection Contractors Insurance needs.

Target Classes Include:

Fire Sprinkler contractors (No CPVC/PVC) limitations.
Restaurant Hood System contractors
Grease Cleaning
Halon, Foam and CO2
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Alarms
Fire & Equipment Sales

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Hospitality Insurance
States Available: National
Program Features:
USG Insurance Services, Inc. is a national wholesaler and managing general agent (MGA) with 19 offices across the country and the ability to write in all 50 states. Built from the ground up by some of the top executives in insurance, USG continues to expand operations nationwide while providing innovative solutions for the risk management industry. The USG team consists of experts divided not by territory, account size, or coverage who can help meet all commercial insurance account needs. We are problem solvers for all commercial lines coverages and specialize in hard-to-place risks, providing our agents with focused expertise and solutions.

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