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Classifications for Antiques and Collectibles Program: *Antique Dealers and Collectors including Private Collectors, Antique Show Promoters, Collector's Clubs, Antique Mall Owners, Estate Sales, Antique Auction Houses and Dealers in Other Acceptable Collectibles. *Individual Private Collectors of Collectibles. Territory for Antiques and Collectibles Program: All 50 States and D.C. Antiques and Collectibles Program limits available: *USD $2,000,000 each and every loss, each and every risk *USD $850,000 any one location *USD $2,000,000 each and every loss/USD $2,000,000 aggregate Coverage available for Antiques and Collectibles Program: *Inland Marine and Business Personal Property *Commercial Real Property *Commercial General Liability Options: *USD $250 minimum deductible Special Features: *Expert claims handling specific to the class
ANTIQUE AIRCRAFT INSURANCE AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE Aircraft age is a major factor in assessing risk. Older aircraft can range from a WW2 B17 to a J3 Cub to aircraft pre-dating World War I. Insurance requirements are often difficult to place on such aircraft due to the age, materials, replacement parts, and pilot experience as well as the ability to assess value. Our markets specialize in coverage for both flying and static Antique Aircraft. Our aviation team is made up of career aviation brokers. We have been a team for 20 years and, combined, offer 85 years of aviation insurance and risk management experience. Additionally, we represent virtually every aviation insurance market and look forward to working with aviation experienced agents as well as those who wish to enter the field. Note: Arlington/Roe’s Aircraft Insurance storefront can be accessed through CompleteMarkets by searching for any one of the following keywords: aircraft insurance, aircraft fleets, amphibious aircraft, sales demonstration aircraft, aircraft news reporting, fixed wing and rotorcraft. Aviation · Aviation Workers' Compensation Ability to write entire accounts, even though the aviation class code is not the primary code or largest exposure. Manufacturers, Fixed Based Operators (FBO), Charter Operations, Airport Operations, Service Centers and Flight Schools · Airports Commercial, Corporate, Municipal and Private Helipads, Control Towers, Maintenance Facilities and Fixed Based Operators (FBO) · Aviation Products Liability Parts Distributors to Major Aircraft Manufacturers Critical and Non-Critical Parts Passenger, Military and General Aviation Airframes and Engines Ground Handling, Refueling and Repair Facilities · Aircraft Fixed Wing and Helicopter Commercial, Corporate, Personal and Non-Owned Piston, Turbo-Prop and Jet Aerial, Antique, Military, Emergency and Cargo
Property, GL, package, and Inland Marine coverages.
Parish Heacock Insurance specializes in Classic Car insurance for automobile enthusiasts. They understand the classic car hobby. Top 10 Reasons to Do Business with Parish Heacock: “Agreed Value” Coverage – Your client will be paid the full insured value of their car in the event of a total loss. Coverage will not be adjusted for depreciation after the loss. Zero Deductible – Policies are available with a zero deductible for comprehensive and collision losses. $25,000 Coverage for Newly Acquired Classic Cars – Your client's policy automatically extends coverage to newly acquired classic cars for up to 30 days. Towing & Labor Coverage – Includes coverage for towing & labor charges incurred during a breakdown on the road. One Liability Charge – This program charges for liability coverage on the first vehicle only. All other vehicles receive liability coverage for no additional charge. Nationwide Claims Service – Carriers can settle your clients' claims anywhere in the United States. Credit Card Payment – Convenient method for payment of your clients' premiums. Your Claim Advocate – At claim time you can count on the staff of Parish Heacock to make certain your clients claim is handled promptly and fairly. Parish Heacock Understands Classic Cars – The Parish Heacock organization is built around car people. Their owners are automobile collectors and enthusiasts, just like your clients. Established and Dependable – These Classic Car insurance policies are issued by nationally known “A” rated insurance companies. The parent company, Heacock Insurance Group, has been in business since 1922. Program Highlights: Types of vehicles that qualify for this program include: Antique Collectors Street Rods Racecars – (Storage, Transit, and Paddock Only) Classic Car insurance policies are designed for limited use vehicles. Parish Heacock offers three mileage programs. Programs Available: 1,000 miles per year 3,000 miles per year 5,000 miles per year Premium estimates are available instantly on the Parish Heacock Web site. To obtain an accurate, firm quote simply complete the quote request form.
Ck Specialty offers coverage for a wide variety of garage risks starting from small auto repair shop to antique cars restoration! Coverage's available: Property Garage Liability Garage Keepers Legal Liability Dealers Open Lot Hired and Non-Owned Special Events E&O – Dealers, Odometer & Title D&O EPLI Umbrella/Excess Broadened Coverage Service Vehicle Liability and Physical Damage Target Classes Include but not limited to: Wholesale Auto Dealers & Brokers Heavy Truck Dealers & Repair Impound Yards Trailer Hitch Installation Public Livery Repair Antique Auto Sales and Repair Mini Markets Emergency Vehicle Sales & Repair Golf Cart Sales & Repair Mobile Auto Repair Motorcycle Sales & Repair Auto Auctions Vinyl Wrapping Roadside Assistance New Auto Dealers Franchised Used Auto Dealers Non-Franchised Used Auto Dealers RV Dealers/Repair Parking Garages Valet Services Gas Stations* Auto Body and Paint Shops Auto Stereo and Alarm Installers Full Service Car Washes Auto Detailers New Tire Dealers Auto Actions Antique/Classic Auto Restoration Contact us today for more information about our Garage program.
Grand General has been writing motorcycle insurance for over 25 years. With Grand General you will be able to rate and issue motorcycle policies right in your own office. Broad unit eligibility, lenient underwriting, and great rates should make Grand General your first choice for motorcycle. Program Highlights: Full Coverage Liability Only No Upper CC limits Trike Conversions Classic and Antique cycles Custom Bikes Six Month Policies in Michigan
Are Antiquated Phrases Hurting Your Business?
As someone who travels from one insurance company to another teaching 'Effective Business Writing for Claims and Risk Management Professionals,' I'm often amazed by how many claims letters are weighed down with stodgy phrases reminiscent of the 19th century. How many letters do you see each day that contain 'enclosed please find,' 'under separate cover,' and 'please do not hesitate to contact me'? I recently gave a seminar at a 200-employee insurance firm in upstate New York. One of the claims adjusters showed me the claims department's book of form letters. There were more than 80 of them, not counting ones that had exclusionary language by state. Each of these letters is sent out an average of 30 times a month. 80 x 30 = 2,400 letters a month x 12 months = 28,800 letters a year. Only four of those awful outdated phrases per letter would total more than 100,000 in a year! If you think this stilted language isn't hurting your business, think again. These phrases not only alienate the insured and engender a distant tone, they chip away at the long-lasting relationships your company seeks to maintain. They damage a claims professional's relationships with doctors, attorneys, insurance commissioners, and colleagues alike. Risk managers (who write internal audits, loss control recommendations, risk reports, and answers to inquiries) also must eliminate stodgy phrases from their documents to enhance their range of relationships. Here's my list of the 10 most common (and terrible) antiquated phrases in the insurance industry. See how many you find the next time you review a typical claims adjuster's or examiner's correspondence. Yours very truly. No, you're not! Use 'sincerely.' Please be advised. This is standoffish legalese that really means 'tell' or 'inform.' Above-captioned loss. Why not just name the loss instead of breaking the reader's train of thought? For example, if the caption says 'Insured: Jones Co.', you could write 'the Jones Co. loss.' Kindly. How about 'please'? Please do not hesitate. This was a light, bright phrase about 40 years ago, but now it's a cliché. Don't be the millionth person to recycle it. I have forwarded. You're not playing football! Use 'sent.' Please note that. This sounds patronizing and makes me feel as though I should get out my notebook. Don't use it. Enclosed please find. Exactly what's to be found in your letter? Use 'I've enclosed' or 'enclosed is.' And it's OK to say 'I' in business writing. After all, you are doing the enclosing. Under separate cover. This phrase reminds me of the lid of a big spaghetti pot. Say you're sending something separately, by Fed Ex, or however. Contact the undersigned. You are most often the undersigned - write 'contact me' or 'call me.' Here are more old-fashioned phrases to avoid and possible substitutes: affords us the opportunity -- gives us the opportunity as per our discussion -- as we discussed amongst -- among at your earliest convenience -- by next week attached herewith -- attached is, here is beg to differ -- disagree by virtue of -- because of deem it advisable -- suggest furnish -- give, send in the event that -- if it is advisable -- I suggest we are in receipt of -- we have received Banishing such phrases from your company's correspondence is a simple but potent step toward improving your company's image, increasing morale, keeping customers, and encouraging modern, clear, concise writing.
IPMG has the coverage to protect your collectibles. Collectible Insurance is available for personal collections and Dealer Inventory consisting of Antiques and Collectibles. COLLECTIBLE INSURANCE FEATURES Competitive Rates - typically lower than scheduling items on Homeowner's policy Appraisals or Inventories are not required for most items (requied for items valued at $5K or greater Need details (inventory, pictures, receipts) at time of loss Property Limits up to $15M Coverage InCludes, but not limited to: Burglary/Theft, Fire, Flood(except in zones A&V), Natural Disaster and Breakage Multiple Premises Coverage Avaliable Personal Transit and Shipping Coverage Included Exhibitions - Coverage is included up to policy limits for scheduled exhibitions and displays including travel to and from COLLECTIBLES Covered under the Collectible Insurance Program Advertising Collectibles Antique Radios / Photographs Antique Tools Art (comics, animation, prints, lithographs) Bears / Steiff Collections Books & Manuscripts Club / Organization Memorabilia Coin Operated Devices Coins (except gold and platinum) Comics Dolls Entertainment Memoragilia Fine Art Funiture Glass / Pottery Hunting / Fishing Limited Edition items Mititraria Movie Props Musical Instruments (except electrical) Native American - including arrowheads Paper / Ephemera Petroliana Political Memorabilia Records and CDs Sprots Stamps Toys / Action Figures Trains - including layouts Vintage Clothing Vintage Sewing and Textiles Weapons and Accessories Western American Writing Insruments Zippo Lighters
Coverages Offered: - Garage Liability, Garagekeepers and Dealers physical damage on the traditional Garage Coverage Form - Property Coverages (Building, contents and business income - available on non-admitted paper in certain states) Optional Coverages Broadened Coverage On-hook for Towed Vehicles Drive Other Car Property Enhancement Endorsements Errors & Omissions for Dealers Registration Plate Coverage False Pretense Related Operations for certain clases Fire Legal Liability Companion Auto used in Garage Operations Identity Theft Recovery Tool Floater Target Classes Sales and Service/Repair Operations Antique/Classic Auto Emergency Vehicles Motorcycles ATVs Farming Equipment Motor Homes/RVs/Campers Boat Sales and Service Go Karts Snowmobiles Construction Equipment Golf Carts Trailers Dirt Bikes Mobility Equipment Truck Tractor/Semi Trailer Dune Buggies/Sand Rails Mopeds/Scooters Used Car Service/Repair Operations Alarm Installation Salvage Operations Body and Paint Shops Storage Facilities/Lots Detailing (shop and mobile) Tow Truck Operators Gasoline Stations w/ Full Service or Repair Upholstery Shops Mobile Mechanics Valet Parking Services Roadside Assistance Window Tinting Shops Transportation Risk Services ( is a leading transportation MGA and wholesale broker serving client’s countrywide. TRS specializes in the placement of local, intermediate, long-haul and public automobile risks for retail insurance agents and brokers through its program and broking facilities. Located in Barrington, IL, TRS offers a broad range of solutions that includes, but not limited to, Auto Liability, General Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo, Garage, Contractor’s Equipment, Warehouse Legal Liability, Umbrella and Occupational Accident/Contingent Liability.
SPECIAL EVENTS LIABILITY INSURANCE For NC and VA We are your go to market for Special Events BIG or SMALL! Don't let your special events be left uncovered. We offer competitive pricing that will give you and your clients peace-of-mind. We are working with some of the most prestigious companies to keep our products above the rest. Contact one of our friendly experienced staff members today for a quote on your next event! Reasons we are your market of choice for Special Events Liability: Offer Comprehensive General Liability Covers Spectators and Products Liability Short-term or Scheduled Annual Term Additional Insured Coverage available Low Minimum Premiums Sample of Eligible Classes: Bazaars Exhibitions Auctions Reunions Concerts Dances Craft Shows Trade Shows Antique Shows Beauty Pageants Weddings/Receptions Yard Sales Golf Tournaments Parades Seasonal Events - Haunted Attractions, Pumpkin Sales, Christmas Tree Lots Product Highlights: General Liability Limits available up to $5,000,000 Excess Coverage available Superior Customer Service Occurrence Form Defense is OUTSIDE the limit