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Classifications for Antiques and Collectibles Program: *Antique Dealers and Collectors including Private Collectors, Antique Show Promoters, Collector's Clubs, Antique Mall Owners, Estate Sales, Antique Auction Houses and Dealers in Other Acceptable Collectibles. *Individual Private Collectors of Collectibles. Territory for Antiques and Collectibles Program: All 50 States and D.C. Antiques and Collectibles Program limits available: *USD $2,000,000 each and every loss, each and every risk *USD $850,000 any one location *USD $2,000,000 each and every loss/USD $2,000,000 aggregate Coverage available for Antiques and Collectibles Program: *Inland Marine and Business Personal Property *Commercial Real Property *Commercial General Liability Options: *USD $250 minimum deductible Special Features: *Expert claims handling specific to the class
ANTIQUE AIRCRAFT INSURANCE AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE Aircraft age is a major factor in assessing risk. Older aircraft can range from a WW2 B17 to a J3 Cub to aircraft pre-dating World War I. Insurance requirements are often difficult to place on such aircraft due to the age, materials, replacement parts, and pilot experience as well as the ability to assess value. Our markets specialize in coverage for both flying and static Antique Aircraft. Our aviation team is made up of career aviation brokers. We have been a team for 20 years and, combined, offer 85 years of aviation insurance and risk management experience. Additionally, we represent virtually every aviation insurance market and look forward to working with aviation experienced agents as well as those who wish to enter the field. Note: Arlington/Roe’s Aircraft Insurance storefront can be accessed through CompleteMarkets by searching for any one of the following keywords: aircraft insurance, aircraft fleets, amphibious aircraft, sales demonstration aircraft, aircraft news reporting, fixed wing and rotorcraft. Aviation · Aviation Workers' Compensation Ability to write entire accounts, even though the aviation class code is not the primary code or largest exposure. Manufacturers, Fixed Based Operators (FBO), Charter Operations, Airport Operations, Service Centers and Flight Schools · Airports Commercial, Corporate, Municipal and Private Helipads, Control Towers, Maintenance Facilities and Fixed Based Operators (FBO) · Aviation Products Liability Parts Distributors to Major Aircraft Manufacturers Critical and Non-Critical Parts Passenger, Military and General Aviation Airframes and Engines Ground Handling, Refueling and Repair Facilities · Aircraft Fixed Wing and Helicopter Commercial, Corporate, Personal and Non-Owned Piston, Turbo-Prop and Jet Aerial, Antique, Military, Emergency and Cargo