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Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 2/5/2014
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How To Build Your Personal Lines Book - Part I - Personal Lines competition continues to intensify, as more and more players enter the marketplace. However, independent agents can fight back ...
Commercial Lines Insurance Checklist - See which Commercial Lines coverages your clients have, those that they need, and those that you write. ...
Customer Service: Whom Should You 'Wow'? - Although most agents say they provide "good customer service," many can't define what this actually means for their agency.
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Truckers Occupational Accident Ins   - Looking for an Orlando, FL area agent/broker that writes this type of insurance. I have a client that needs coverage TODAY.
Market who will cover just Cattle? I have an insured who wants coverage on his herd.  - farm and ranch program, and also insure livestock. ...
Market for a monoline $1million home in Arkansas - Any advice to where I could place a $1million dollar home in Arkansas? It would be a monoline and none of my standard carriers will take a monoline home.
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A Tale Of Life Settlements- The story carries a challenge and a test to see what you would do in a not-too-rare scenario. After all, you might be just like one of these agents.
Activating Life Leads - How is an unorganized pool of data in your files transformed into a systematic stream of active leads for Life production? You want to avoid the pitfalls that many P/C agents have encountered -- pitfalls that have killed Life-sales operations.
Annuities Should Create Agency Income -Many of your insureds will be putting a lot of money into annuities. Based on national sales figures, this is a near-guarantee. Will they buy through your agency or from a competitor? If you're an agency decision maker, the answer lies in your hands.
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